Only last week, we received some very disheartening news that Samsung would be ditching its bestselling smartphone and its first tablet from the Android 4.0 update list. This of course created quite a stir in the community and many people gave Samsung a piece of their mind. That seemed to have done the trick – according to a Korean newspaper Ajnews, Samsung has promised to give it one more go and said they would re-consider porting ICS over to the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab.

Lesser confusion for app developers

There is hope after all

Samsung’s earlier argument as to why these devices wouldn’t get ICS was that they wouldn’t be able to handle ICS very well. What they were really trying to say is that TouchWiz wouldn’t run smoothly on ICS with those specifications. If you think about it, the Nexus S and the Galaxy S are more or less clones and since ICS runs just fine on the Nexus S, the only thing bogging the Galaxy S is TouchWiz. We feel Samsung is just being lazy here and are trying to avoid improving the performance of TouchWiz. Take Sense 3.5 as perfect example, it runs beautifully on a HTC Explorer which is only 600MHz.

It’s still unclear if Samsung would actually go through with this, but at least they are considering it, which is worth something I guess. The Galaxy S remains the bestselling smartphone in Samsung’s portfolio with over 20 million units sold, as of October 2011.

Publish date: December 28, 2011 8:58 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 9:14 pm

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