I just told you about the 55-inch glassless 3DTV prototype that Samsung recently showed off at FPD, China. That’s going to take a while to reach us, but they’ve got something that may help with the wait. I just read on PCMag that Samsung has unveiled new 3D glasses. These 3D glasses are the active shutter type that Samsung have been swearing by and are supposed to be an improvement over whatever’s currently available in the market. For starters, these glasses use Bluetooth instead of the regular infrared that other manufacturers use to transmit signals to the 3D TV. This means that the glasses don’t need to have line of sight with the TV. There will be fewer disturbances caused by obstructions between the TV and viewer. Of course, there’s a catch to this as the glasses will only work with Samsung TV models launched in 2011 and later.

Samsung's new Bluetooth 3D glasses

Samsung's new Bluetooth 3D glasses

These glasses also look really nice, as they’re slim and lightweight. They have just one thin headband that goes around the back of the head. Another advantage of these glasses is that you don’t need to plug them in to charge them. Instead, they can simply be placed on an optional cylinder-shaped induction charger. Up to four glasses can be charged with simultaneously with this charger by just placing them around the cylinder.

Although Samsung has not yet revealed a launch date or pricing for these glasses, they’re expected to be included with new Samsung 3D models to be launched soon.

Publish date: March 18, 2011 1:27 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 7:28 pm