If a report in PCWorld is anything to go by then mobile phones, for starters by Samsung may well be on their way to sporting flexible screens, by next year. The South Korean company made this announcement late last week. It is learnt that Samsung will first look at incorporating this technology into its mobile phones line-up, and then proceed to tablets and other portable devices.

This is what it would look like (Image credit: Gear Burn)

This is what it would look like (Image credit: gearburn)

The report further suggests that the OLED technology, which Samsung plans to incorporate, contains a material in each pixel, emitting light, which it is being stated is more suited to flexible screens than LCDs. The flip side about LCD's is that they require both a flexible screen and a backlight. Samsung has, according to the report given a glimpse into this technology by showcasing the displays within rigid cases. These rigid cases helped keep the displays curved. Nokia, too showcased the prototype of flexible OLEDs at Nokia World, just recently.

Samsung's decision to incorporate flexible OLEDs, adds the report is its next ambitious move, after the recent success of its Galaxy S II smartphones. Only time will tell if the flexible OLEDs from Samsung find popularity, like the way Galaxy S II smartphones did.

Publish date: October 31, 2011 5:52 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 8:50 pm

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