Sony Ericsson has announced an expanded global strategic alliance with Billabong, the Australian brand that promotes an authentic lifestyle along with the true values of core board sports (surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding and wakeboarding). This new partnership connects the Xperia smartphone brand to a new and influential consumer audience and extends to a retail offering for smartphone users. Keeping this new partnership in mind, Sony Ericsson has launched the Xperia active Billabong Edition smartphone. This one is designed for extreme sports enthusiasts.

“Billabong brings a new, enthusiastic and engaging audience who are early technology adopters and influencers in the areas of sports and technology”, said Stephan Croix, VP Head of Global Marketing Creation for Sony Ericsson, who also went on to mention that . “This partnership is a perfect fit with our brand and the Xperia range of smartphones.”

Get Active!

Get Active!

The Xperia active Billabong edition is an ideal smartphone for extreme sports enthusiasts who can take it along on their shreds and surfs to capture all of the excitement up close and personal.  This tough, scratch-resistant smartphone is packed with technologies, such as wet finger tracking and has received some of the highest marks in dustproof and water resistance categories (IP67). Yes, it’s the exact same Xperia active that we reviewed earlier and fell in love with.

The only difference between the two editions is the addition of a few extra wallpapers, videos and a surfing app. Currently, the Xperia active is being tested in conditions as diverse as the snowfields in Austria, surfing the big waves of Tahiti and even skateboarding in Singapore. 

The partnership extends beyond the Xperia active, as Sony Ericsson and Billabong have also co-created exclusive content for additional Xperia devices. The Xperia active Billabong Edition will feature preloaded Billabong screenscavers, videos and Billabong LIVE, a mobile app now available in the Sony Ericsson channel in Android Market, and the Xperia PLAY will boast an exclusive surf game, Billabong Surf Trip.

Sony Ericsson Xperia smartphones will be featured in major Billabong events worldwide. The Xperia Active Billabong edition has already started selling in markets worldwide.  If you’re still unaware about the buzz that the Xperia Active has been creating, be sure to check out our review, out here. Most of us have been living sedentary lifestyles and this might just be the excuse we need to get up, and get active.

Publish date: February 6, 2012 10:32 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 9:32 pm

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