Sennheiser celebrate their five years in India today, and were at an event held in Mumbai, whilst introducing their new wireless XS series at the Palm Expo and partnership with L-Acoustics for distribution in India. The occasion was graced by the presence of Ms.Sharmila Sahai, Managing Director at Sennheiser India and Daniel Sennheizer, the third generation of the family owned company. Also present was Suleman Merchant, who along with Daniel unveiled their book showcasing the journey of the company. Sharmila Sahai chirped how the company set its foot in the Indian terrain, beginning with nine employees and the number has now increased to 40.

We got a chance to interact with Daniel Sennheiser who said that they haven’t entered India for experimenting, but are here to stay and wants to know the needs of consumers and offer local support. On asking about if India is ready for high-end, high-fidelity devices like HD-800, he instantly agrees saying that India is very much ready for high-end products.  He adds that they have a spread of products catering to different budget, and they do have a segment looking for high-end Sennheiser products in India. Talking about the revenue, he says that the Sennheiser India revenue is equally split between its professional and consumer products, and there is no specific product that he would want to point out to. But he adds that professionals are well acquainted with Sennheiser as a brand and the company is building trust with the non-professional consumer segment.

Daniel Sennheiser at Mumbai

Daniel Sennheiser at Mumbai

Unfazed by competition, he adds, “Sennheizer is known for specialty. There are earphones bundled for free with phones too, but our products are about true sound and superior quality. They are about German quality for users looking who prioritize quality.” Not in much favour of value for money products or low-end cheaper products, he maintains that Sennheiser is all about premium products for those looking for an exceptional musical experience and they wouldn’t compromise on quality by building cheaper products. He also points out at the Hd800 as his favourite headphone when at home, while an in-ear headphone prototype, yet to release in September has become his favourite for outdoors.

The company also launched the XS Wireless system in India at the ongoing Palm Expo that promises superior quality and durable wireless solution for mid-sized venues, conference rooms, and events. Its battery life stretches up to 10 hours, making it apt for stage performances. The XS wireless system is made up of 5 unique sets – XSW 35 and XSW 65 vocals sets, an XSW 72 instrument system and XSW 12 presentation set with chip-on microphone and XSW 52 headmic set. Vocalists can choose from super cardioids condenser capsule and genuine e 835 capsule. There are mute buttons on the handheld and the bodypack, which ensure that the speakers are in control of the transmission.

Publish date: May 31, 2012 4:13 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 10:24 pm

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