Step aside Psy: Here’s the viral video of the year you need to listen to

By Staff /  06 Sep 2013 , 17:00

While half the world debates Syria, and the other half debates Miley Cyrus, two Norwegian men have a much more burning question for you: “What the fox say?”

A screengrab from The Fox music video. Image courtesy Youtube.
A screengrab from The Fox music video. Image courtesy Youtube.

The duo, who go by Ylvis, debuted their videoThe Foxon Tuesday, and the number of views on Youtube has already rocketed up to almost two million. The song is upbeat, dance-pop and will probably have you bopping around at the next party you attend. The beat is infectious, but that’s not what has made the song go viral.

With the kind of sombre seriousness musicians usually reserve for asking a girl to take her clothes off or get on the dance floor, the duo ask: “Ducks say quack,and fish go blub,and the seal goes ow ow ow…But there’s one sound, that no one knows – what does the fox say?”

There are various theories in the song:







The duo – while dressed in fox costumes, perhaps out of a sense of a solidarity with the language-less animal – beseech the fox to explain how it handles the communication barriers it faces. “Ifyou meeta friendly horse, will you communicate bymo-o-o-o-orse? Mo-o-o-o-orse? Mo-o-o-o-orse?How will you speak to thatho-o-o-o-orse?”

In case you were wondering, the fox does indeed make noises, which you can check out on Youtubehereandhere. But maybe nobody told these musicians that, since they end their song on the observation that the fox’s sound “will always be a mystery.”

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