If there’s one videogame character who’s responsible for shaping the very nature of videogames it would have to the Prince of Persia for without the Prince I doubt we would even have a platforming genre to being with.

Born in 1989 by the hands of Jordan Mechner the Prince began his journey via a side scrolling adventure that required him to save his love from the hands of an evil Vazir while dodging a plethora of nefarious traps. The game garnered a positive response from gamers who were thrilled at the chance of living out their very own Arabian fantasy.

Nearly ten years later the series moved to the third dimension with Prince of Persia 3D, the next logical step for this series. Unfortunately the game was plagued by a bunch of issues that quickly buried the franchise under a heap of criticism. It was after this that Ubisoft picked up the right to the franchise kick starting it with a serious dose of adrenaline. Thus the Prince of Persia as you now know him was reborn.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was a genre defining game that introduced players to game mechanics we now take for granted like time manipulation, innovative puzzle solving and the most important one of them all – platforming. Thanks to his agile and acrobatic nature the Prince could traverse and explore the environment in ways you’d only seen in movies till date. Using the Sands of Time to their advantage, players could actually rewind time saving themselves from a untimely death. It was a revolutionary concept that would soon change the way we played games providing players with a failproof method of avoiding death.

The Prince himself was a very likeable character who charmed the world with his wit and boyish demeanor. However after the events of the first game, he changed for the worse and became a violent man obsessed with changing his fate. The wit and charm was replaced by arrogance and rage. His new demeanor was evident in his actions themselves as he eviscerated enemies in brutal ways, never seen before in a Prince of Persia game. The Prince’s raw anger was also reflected in the game’s visual tone that was a stark departure from the pleasant Arabian nights fantasy.

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