Today we have an app for just about everything, ranging from the extremely useful to the extremely silly. Over the years we’ve seen ‘businesses go online’ and the current trend is definitely moving towards the mobile way. The inundated Android Market, now the Google Play store has on platter an app for everything that you can possibly think of, and businesses can surely take advantage of some apps that have been crafted to enable users to work even when disconnected from their PC. Here’s a list of Top 10 Android business apps.
Skype For Android – Free
If your business requires you making frequent video calls, then Skype for Android is just what you need on your Android handset. Amidst other options, Skype simply comes across as the best and convenient option. Skype to Skype IMs, and voice calls are free over 3G and Wi-Fi, and the app also allows low-cost calls and SMSes to handsets and landline, too. You can even use it to communicate with users belonging to other platforms, like iOS, as long as they have the Skype app installed.

Skype it for Business

Skype it for Business

PhoneMyPC – INR818.06
If you’ve stepped out of your home and have forgotten to carry a copy of that important document, then this app surely comes to your rescue. The app can be used to remotely access your PC from your Android device. It can be accessed over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi, and is also tablet ready. Setting it up (no network setup required) is simple and easy, click here for the instructions. It promises industry leading SSL security and engineer support that answers your queries within 24 hours.

CamCard – Lite, INR654.34
This app is quite handy when it comes to handling all your business contacts. Simply take a picture of the business card and the app is capable of saving all the contact information in a Card Holder or the Address Book. It can recognize entries in five languages, i.e. in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese, while the CamCard (Western) adds in some European languages, too. It also allows managing and synchronizing cards across multi-devices with Cloud Sync. The app allows one to categorize cards, auto-detect, crop and double-size card images, has passcode protection for Card Holder, and more.

Keeping all contact details in pockets

Keeping all contact details in pockets

LinkedIn – Free
LinkedIn, a professional social site isn’t something new to most professionals out there. LinkedIn has become a great tool for business connections, like recruitment and so on. LinkedIn’s mobile app gives access to the professional network from your Android handset, anytime, anywhere. It keeps you updated with your network, provides the latest industry reviews and so on.
Evernote – Free
Keep your business and meetings organized with this app. You can jot down your ideas, improve productivity and remember just about every thing using this app. It syncs your notes across all your devices, allowing you to create, edit notes, prepare to-do lists and also task lists. Be it ingenious ideas, business trips or plans, the app helps you manage all your tasks efficiently and can connect to other apps and products.

Business ExpenseLog – INR163.18
If you want to keep a track of the thousands and lakhs of rupees that you’ve been spending over a business plan, then this app could assist Android users to do so. The app has been designed to keep a log of all your business expenditures – supplies, utilities, advertising, property, maintenance, rental and so on. It also ensures easy management of your business expenses.

Business Calendar – Free, INR276.59
Manage your day, or meetings, and/or all important tasks over the month with the Business Calendar application, which synchronizes with your Google calendar. It shows graphical and textual representation, search function, configurable widgets, and easy switching between bars and events. You can also opt for the paid version, which puts an end to those annoying ads and also adds in extra features, such as drag and drop mode, linking a contact to an event, Business Calendar reminders and 11 widget design themes.

For blocking...

For blocking…

Private SMS & Call – Free
If you want to ensure that your private business messages and calls aren't viewed by anyone, then this app seems just right to install on your Android handset. The private conversation feature has the capability to take all your smses and call logs to a private place so that it cannot be seen or accessed by others. The app also has some customizable filters to enhance blocking and private requests.

Google Docs – Free
If you manage your files using Google Docs, then this app allows easy, on-the-go access to all your files. The app allows its user to easily upload, star, delete, access, manage and rename documents. You can also create and edit documents on your Android device. It comes with a widget for your homescreen, allowing quicker access.

Safe in a box...

Safe in a box…

Box – Free
Imagine a box that keeps all your stuff secure from peering eyes, and you can open it to reveal your possessions to only those you trust. The Box for Android app has been designed similarly and allows simple, secure sharing anytime, anywhere. It allows storing and sending large files from your Android device, and also uploading multiple images, videos and files from the SD card. Sharing folders and files with links, inviting colleagues to share folders and leaving comments on files has also been made possible.

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