So, you’ve got a tech savvy mom? Then put aside those usual cards, flowers and chocolates, and gift her something cool, useful and tech-imbued. Even if your mom isn’t too tech savvy, you could always get her the first cool gadget she can flaunt. If you are out of ideas, then dig into our list of top 10 gift ideas for moms to fit snuggly into your gift boxes on this Mother’s day.

Give your mom, the most trending, yet efficient and affordable smartphone this Mother’s day. A brilliant mobile phone recommendation for Mother’s Day would be the SE Live with Walkman, white edition. It’s tiny, runs on Android and is a powerful, yet simple smartphone. The Live with Walkman makes for an ideal gift with its superior camera, slick user interface and brilliant Walkman sound. It’s tiny and will fit easily in her purse and with the white exterior, the phone exudes class. A definite upgrade if she’s not on the Android bandwagon, already. LetsBuy sells the white edition of the smartphone for 13,820.

A trendy Android handset

A trendy Android handset

Digital Photo Frame
A digital photo frame is a great way to display those precious memories in just a single frame. Unlike traditional photo frames that limit you to a single photo, here, you can display an entire album as well as keep updating it as and when you get new photos. There are plenty of photo frames in the market, out of which, we've gone with the Sony DPF-A710. This is a 7-inch photo frame with 128 MB of internal memory capable of storing 250 pictures. You can choose from a wide selection of viewing modes. It auto corrects a pictures aspect ratio and supports multiple memory card formats. The frame also comes with a remote to change the settings remotely. For a price tag of 3,800 on Flipkart, it makes a good buy.

Reive those memories digitally

Relive those memories digitally

Canon PowerShot A4000 IS
Our mothers usually have a photographic memory when it comes to all things we do whether it’s good or bad, but more so the latter than the former. So what better way to gift our loving mothers a way to enhance this memory? None other than buying her a digital camera. Canon have recently announced the stylish PowerShot A4000 IS, which boasts of many interesting features, such as an 8x optical zoom, HD video recording at 720p and most importantly it is extremely easy to use. The image quality of this camera is impressive and one will surely not be disappointed with this model. This point and shoot option is available at a price of 10,580 and will be an ideal gift for Mother’s Day.

Online gift coupons
Why not let your mom choose a gift herself? You could gift your tech savvy mom a gift voucher or gift card and allow her to indulge in some online shopping. While your mom could conveniently choose her gift in the comfort of her couch, it could be a great way to explain how much fun and convenient online shopping is, to moms who fear buying products online. You can buy gift vouchers fromVouchersmate, and even run her through some sites, like which is offering Mother's Day discounts, and also indulge her in shopping on some popular online shopping sites, like Flipkart, LetsBuy and Timtara.

Gift coupon...

Gift coupon…


If your mother likes reading a lot, then there's no better eBook reader out there than the Amazon Kindle. Availability isn't a big issue, either – the product is available via for a rather affordable 5,453. It's got Wi-Fi built-in, so she can use it to browse the web every now and then, but what really makes the Kindle so popular is its flawless text rendition quality and the ability to quickly purchase books and read them off the tablet. It used to be a little more complicated, but with it now available via Junglee for 5,453, there's no reason not to buy one. 


If your mom is active with her morning and evening walks then a pedometer could fit your gift box just right. There are several standalone pedometers available in the market and the one from Omron, the HJ 203 Walk Style Step Counter. Its design enables one to hang it around the neck, slip it into pockets or even clip it. It could be a great companion for your mom, if she needs to track her daily walks, for health and fitness concerns. It is simple and easy to use, priced at  INR1,450.

Jabra EasyGo Bluetooth Headset

Be it a working professional, or an even busier homemaker, the need to stay in touch with you is a constant for every mom and what better way than a Bluetooth headset. While on-the-go, Bluetooth headsets, for their sheer size, and comfort fit make for an interesting gift idea for one's mum; and we’ve handpicked Jabra EasyGo Bluetooth Headset. It comes with larger icons on the ‘Status Display’, allowing more clarity to view battery level and the connectivity status, along with easy-to-locate slider on the back and ‘Voice Guidance’ technology, which tells the user when it needs to be recharged or if it gets disconnected from the phone. Priced at  INR1905, it can even connect to two devices, simultaneously.

When on chat-athon

When on chat-athon

Mobile Cases
It's no secret. Your mother loves you. And she's highly proud of the work she did on you. Now give her an iPhone case with Instagram photos of yourself and watch the tears spill. Casetagram lets you choose a few of your photos and voila, you have a phone case of pictures of you. Put in a picture with a memory that your mom would enjoy, too for instance, something she made for you or a place you've been to together. Casetagram has free worldwide shipping and each case is $34.95 (approx INR1,868) and the gooiest of melted hearts waiting upon reception.

Euroclean Robocleanz
The last generation's tech savvy mommy went from sweeping to vacuum cleaning. This generation's techie mama gets a Euroclean Robocleanz. This robot cleaner from Eureka Forbes buzzes around your house picking dust and other pieces of dirt off your floor. Some families even go so far as treating the device as a pet (some give it names!). So this Mother's Day, chill! Let the robot get the spill. It won't cost you more than  INR6,990.

Robot for your mom...

Robot for your mom…

Leg and Foot Massager
How about pampering your mom? Gift her semi-spa treatment right at home, that she can indulge in anytime. The electronicJSB-HF05 leg and foot massager is one good option, that massages your feet, ankles, calves and ensures to take care of the lower leg, too. It features reflexology foot plates, special roller and air pressure knead to ensure a soothing experience to all its users. This gift has been designed for to provide an overall sense of well-being, and makes for an apt gift for your mom.

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