Twitter adds support for emojis on web to make your tweets a bit more colourful

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By tech2 News Staff /  03 Apr 2014 , 17:16

Emojis have become a fad, thanks to a wide range of icons on messaging apps like WhatsApp, Line and others. So far, Twitter has been supporting emojis on mobile devices – on its apps on Android and iOS – but now the company extends the support to desktop too. Those who use Twitter on web, will now be able to view the emjois, which would earlier appear as empty white boxes.

Twitter for web now supports emjois
Twitter for web now supports emjois

However, emojis are still not visible in embedded tweets yet. “On Windows, each character appears as a blank square unless you click through to the tweet itself, and other platforms display their regular set.” The Verge said. In case of Tweetdeck, the support is reportedly inconsistent. The micro-blogging site is expected to fix these issues soon.

Another tweet showing the emojis
Cool emojis borrowed from popular messaging apps

Take a look at the embedded tweet below showing the empty boxes:

Embedded tweets do not support emojis yet
Embedded tweets do not support emojis yet

Earlier this week, Twitter made changes to the advanced search feature on the web version, to allow all users to easily look for tweets from a particular day. This puts an end to the usage of ‘Since:’ or ‘Until:’ prefixes to look for a tweet from particular date. For example, earlier you would have had to search like this: “Lady Gaga since:2014-02-01 until:2014-02-05” to find tweets related to the singer within these dates. But now the advanced search page  has separate text entry fields for since and till dates, along with the other already-existing people and keyword options. In addition, you can also search for tweets by date based on a particular mood i.e negative or positive.

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