RIM’s once widely accepted BlackBerry smartphones face another setback. The U.S National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration revealed that it would now supply its employees with iPhones, replacing the BlackBerry devices, reports Times Of India.  BlackBerry is known for its secure features, however, Joe Klimavicz, NOAA's Chief Information Officer says that iPhones could be securely integrated into the agency’s information systems for a lesser price than the Blackberry server that NOAA uses. Around 3,000 BlackBerry devices are issued among its 13,000 employees and about 7,000 contractors. He also adds that it would be too early to comment on how iPhones and iPads will be used.

BlackBerry OS 6 flaws

Yet another setback

Rapid and newer technological changes are something enterprises look at embracing. “Times are changing and technology is changing and we have to look at our technologies and see how we can do things more efficiently,” he said. This isn’t the first switch from BlackBerry to iPhones, lately Haliburton Co. put a halt to 4,500 BlackBerry devices by replacing them with iPhones. The company further said that iPhones offer an enhanced performance, while handling internal company applications. RIM’s share could further slip downwards, while iPhone may rise higher.

A recent study about the resale value of smartphones revealed that BlackBerry smartphones bring in about 41 percent of the value after 18 months, which is lower compared to Android and way lower when pitted against iPhones.

This switch has also been seen by banks and other companies, while the government is slower to follow. Reportedly, the Pentagon will continue to issue only BlackBerrys, while it studies the feasibility of introducing iPhones, iPads or devices built on Google Inc.'s Android platform, Teri Takai, the department's Chief Information Officer, said in a December interview.

RIM has been striving to bounce back, which seems difficult with its delayed launch plans and incapability to keep pace with Android and iOS. The company saw significant positional changes too, while seeking a hopeful future.

Publish date: February 11, 2012 9:31 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 9:34 pm

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