So what do you do when you come across a rather interesting tweet — a nice one liner, or maybe a striking photo? There is the retweet option, but the ones with whom we want to share these are often not active or present on Twitter. In an official blog post published recently, Stefan Filip, engineer, Growth Team at Twitter, introduced the ability to email a tweet directly from Filip shared that the feature will be uniformly rolled out over the coming weeks. It is now possible to email a tweet to anyone, irrespective of whether the recipient uses Twitter or not. This can be done from one's Twitter stream or from the Details view of any tweet. All that users have to do is click on the 'More' icon next to the Reply, Retweet and Favorite buttons to be able to email a tweet. Moreover, users have the option to add their own comments, and the tweet and the corresponding comment will then be emailed to the intended recipient. 

Update lets you email your tweets directly from

Email tweets directly from

The Twitter app for users of Android smartphones and iPhones received an update recently. In an official blog post, Sung Hu Kim, product manager, Mobile, at Twitter shared that the update is in-line with Twitter's changes over the past few months. Twitter has increased the length of the tweet, allowing users to share more with 140 characters. Users can now view article and photo previews from over 2,000 partners or view photos and videos in fullscreen. Also, the post claims that it’s easier for users to see relevant content when you check Discover or search to find out what’s happening. 

Elaborating on the changes introduced, the post adds that now users can preview photos and article summaries in Discover and Search results without having to tap on them. Users can now discover all the popular tweets in a single stream. All users have to do is tap on 'View all Tweets' and view a single stream of continuous tweets containing news, photos, and other stories shared by those in their network. As for Search, photos from relevant results also appear at the top of the stream. Users can also know better about all that is trending and happening in their network, for example, who marked a tweet as a Favorite. 

For iPhone users, the updated Twitter app (version 5.1) carries the following changelog: 

  • See what’s popular within your network on Discover.
  • Tweets, tailored just for you, now appear right in the stream
  • These tweets show photo, video, and article previews so you can engage easily

Get a new perspective when you search:

  • A stream of relevant photos appears at the top of your search results
  • Results also show media previews for your viewing pleasure

Manage your account with ease:

  • If you’ve forgotten your password, now you can reset it in a few simple steps
  • If you’ve chosen to protect your tweets, you can manage your follow requests from your iPhone or iPad

For Android users, the changelog reads thus: 

  • See what’s popular on Discover.
  • Tweets now appear right in the stream
  • These tweets show photo, video, and article previews so you can engage easily
  • Get a new perspective when you search.
  • Photo streams show what’s happening
  • Results also show media previews
  • Manage your account with ease.
  • Reset your password in a few simple steps
  • Other improvements and fixes.

Publish date: November 17, 2012 10:16 am| Modified date: December 19, 2013 4:32 am

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