VeriSign is a company that’s been around, since ages and are known best for their security solutions. Back in 2010, VeriSign sold a part of their business, SSL to Symantec, the popular security solution company. VeriSign is responsible for a number of things and also one of the Internet’s key service – DNS (domain name system). Reports state that VeriSign was hacked multiple times back in 2010 and it might have compromised on some vital information. The company doesn’t think that the DNS servers were compromised, but they didn't seem to be very confident about it, either. VeriSign handles the security of all .com, .net and .gov domains. 

One of the biggest names in security, hacked

One of the biggest names in security, hacked

The VeriSign DNS system, reportedly handles some 50 billion requests, each day. Any kind of compromise on their end could allow hackers to redirect users to malicious and scamming sites. The number of sites that could have been affected is quite mindboggling. News about the hacking has been around since a long time, however these issues were highlighted only after a filing made in October as per U.S guidelines that require companies to report security breaches to their investors. VeriSign is also responsible for the security of several web services and is also known to be a researcher of cybercrimes around the world. Getting hacked on multiple occasions does raise a few questions on VeriSign’s level of security.

Apparently, the security staff at VeriSign responded to the hacking incident, but failed to inform higher officials. This news only reached them in September, last year. VeriSign justified the incident by saying that the attack was of the most sophisticated kind and such attacks could not be anticipated and defended against. Intelligence experts have expressed concern over the incident. Similar attacks on RSA are just a reminder that large businesses and the economy may be at risk when large security agencies are unable to defend themselves against these attacks. 


Publish date: February 3, 2012 12:21 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 9:31 pm

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