Apple has sent invitations out to reporters for its next launch party, and the tech world is predictably buzzing. The invitation itself did not divulge details of the event beyond saying: “We have something you really have to see. And touch.” It did, however feature a partial picture of the touchscreen of a device resembling an iPad. (read more)

Will the new launch be a new iPad or something much bigger? AFP

Tech sites have more or less taken the launch of an iPad 3 for granted. Techcrunch has in fact, gone so far as to do a rumor round up of what the device may look like. They agree that the new device will probably feature a retina screen at almost double the resolution of the existing iPad. However they are not so willing to go along with speculation that it will feature a 4S Style camera, that Apple will do away with the 30-pin connecter or that the iPad 3 will actually turn out to be an iPad mini.

But 9to5mac went a step further, speculating that the big Apple launch may actually mark the unveiling of Apple tv. The site says, “The new Apple TV is rumored to include a faster processor, possibly a variation of the dual-core A5 chip. The dual-core A5 chip has been said to be required for the Apple TV to finally stream 1080p quality video, but Apple is also working on an “A5X” chip that is dual-core, which also includes an improved graphics engine.” Collaborating these claims are PC Mag, which says, “there are pervasive rumors that the iPad and possibly other iOS-based devices will function as remote controls for the TV set.”

The Verge reported in early February that Best Buy sent out a customer survey that includes a question about an “all-new 42-inch Apple HDTV” priced at $1,499 that sports a 1080p LED flat panel display, works with iPhones and iPads functioning as remote controls, and connects to Apple’s iCloud, iTunes, and App Store marketplaces. A few days later, The Globe and Mail reported that Canadian carriers Rogers Communications and Bell Canada are vying to partner with Apple if and when the rumored television set is launched north of the border. Canada’s two largest telecommunications companies reportedly have the new Apple TV in their labs for testing.

Meanwhile 9to5mac goes on to quote “sources” as saying that Apple will in fact launch at least three next-generation iPad variants. It adds that, “We’re also hearing of a mystery accessory that will launch alongside the new iPads and Apple TV. We’re not sure what it is, but it’s called “B82? internally. The product is likely some accessory, probably ranging from either a cable, cover, or new audio remote.”

Publish date: March 5, 2012 11:00 am| Modified date: March 5, 2012 11:00 am

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