Touted to be one of the earliest business smartphones, BlackBerry phones come with high-end features that help you carry your work around anywhere you go. If you are the kind of professional who needs to be connected even when on vacation, there are several services that you can explore to make communication easy. Here are some of these services.

Push Mail
Although the push email technology has been around well before the Canada-based Research in Motion (RIM) introduced the world to the BlackBerry phenomenon, they were the first to introduce the technology to mobile phones. Essentially, the push e-mail system “pushes” emails actively as and when the mail arrives on the mail server. Once you enable the BlackBerry services on your phone, you can conjure as many as ten email accounts. It also enables you to download, manage and resend emails that have attachments.

Advanced Calendar
Not only can you update, maintain and attach files to your BlackBerry calendar, but you can also synchronize it with your desktop PC automatically. You can also forward calendar entries as emails to your friends directly from your phone.

Location Tracker
A relatively new feature in the latest BlackBerry models is the location tracker, which doesn’t use GPS. It uses a technology called trilateration, which is quicker than a GPS locator and uses less battery, but it is not as accurate as GPS as it needs a stable connection from your service provider.

Blackberry Messenger
Also known as the BBM, the proprietary messenger service helps you connect to other BlackBerry users around the world through text messages, pictures, videos and voice notes free of cost. Unlike an SMS text message, these messages are not only free, but can also be as long as 2,000 characters. You can also get read receipts and delivery reports. You can add a display image to personalize your BBM account. It supports emoticons and GPS-enabled location tracking. The newer models also support a bar code scanning system to add new contacts. If your buddies are based abroad, staying in touch via BBM is more economical.

Social Networking
The BlackBerry was originally sold as business phone, but to keep up with recent trends, the smartphone now also supports social networking. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection or a GPRS package on your BlackBerry and you can Tweet, or socialize using sites like Facebook and Orkut on the go.

BlackBerry smartphones come with extensive memory support, a decent screen size, a good camera, and a competent media player. This enables you to watch full length movies, listen to music, take pictures or record videos. It’s a complete system to keep you entertained even when you’re away from your desk.

Blackberry App World
BlackBerry now features special apps that you can download on to your BlackBerry smartphone with ease. On the BlackBerry app world You get an array of apps that are classified as ‘most popular’, ‘newest’ and ‘highest rated’ to help you choose more easily. These include games, sync organizers, music apps, software upgrades, social networking apps, themes and personal productivity apps among other utility based tools.

Publish date: October 21, 2010 1:39 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 6:50 pm

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