We are all eagerly awaiting Microsoft’s next big roll out, Windows Phone Tango and while it may not be a groundbreaking update, the reason we are excited is due to the fact that Tango won’t need the high-end specifications that current WP7 phones need and thus, will be a lot cheaper. Hopefully, the user experience doesn’t take a backseat here, as currently that’s one of the few appealing traits of this platform.

If only Zune integartion was not so uptight

Shaping up well

According to WPSauce, Microsoft has revealed some interesting facts about Tango during the developers’ camp in India. The next version will up the language support from 35 to 120, which shows that Microsoft wants to expand its markets to emerging and developing nations as well. Also, the next version will come with native support for C++, thereby making it easy for developers to code or port apps over to the mobile platform.

However, it has still not been confirmed, whether the ‘next release’ would be the immediate Tango or the upcoming Apollo. Meanwhile, PocketPC have managed to get a screen grab of a Tango running WP7 phone, which shows Skype as well as Google+ integration into the messenger hub. Now that Microsoft owns Skype, it was only a mater of time till this feature was integrated, but we are pleasantly surprised to see it done so quickly. The folks who took the screenshot claimed that chatting over both these services work well, but Skype’s voice calling were a bit buggy. Video calling will also be available, but it may not come out in time for Tango. We don’t know for certain if the screen grab is real or not, so let’s take this with a pinch of salt, until we get some concrete proof straight from the horse's mouth.

Publish date: January 31, 2012 10:31 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 9:29 pm

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