We have a wide selection of phones in the mobile market good and bad. It's basically the problem of extra, where you have a lot but can’t decide what’s good for you. There are phones which can call, message and do a little more but overall there’s nothing really special. The OT-880 is one such phone, read on to find out what it's worth.


The first look will make a guy (me) realize that he’s in for some teasing and embarrassment. You got that right, it’s a lady’s phone with feminine looks, and it certainly look good in a female’s hand. The design is that of a rounded rectangle with a 2.4 inch display resistive touchscreen. Three buttons below the screen may remind you of Android-based phones. There’s a microSD card slot, followed by volume keys and a lock button on the right side of the phone. The left side has a mini USB port, and at the top there’s a 3.55 mm audio jack.

OT-880: Slide to unlock!

OT-880: Slide to unlock!

The phone slides to reveal a QWERTY keyboard. The keys are well placed, but may feel a little small in size, especially the space key. All in all, it’s a good device to look at. Oh yes, weighing at 118 g the phone is heavy and bulky enough for pelting at eve teasers!


You're QWERTY-ful!

You're QWERTY-ful!

The phone uses a Java-based interface touchscreen. The desktop is extendable but has a single flow and not any specific number of screens like many phones. There are also widgets through which you can access certain functions quickly. The icons and overall look and feel of the UI is quite nice but when browsing through menus or selecting particular functions can be a bit sluggish. One particular problem I faced was that the icons were not placed well; you tend to select the wrong option a little too frequently. Call quality was also very average, the signal reception is received well even in closed areas but voice is not loud enough although outgoing sound is good.

Networking features
A good feature of the OT-880 is that it provides access to native Facebook and Twitter clients. There’s Palringo IM for those who just love to stay in touch with family and friends on the go.

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