Initially, netbooks were meant to be affordable and for basic work on the go, not to mention the affordability part. But now, there seems to be a need for better performance and multimedia capabilities, why else would you have netbooks like the Asus Automobili Lamborghini VX6.

The VX6 is a good example of how these mini portable computers are becoming more and more powerful (and expensive) by the day. Don’t be alarmed by the long and intimidating label, it’s just another netbook that looks fancy. Or is it? Let’s find out.

It's somewhat close to looking like a Lamborghini. Or is it?

If you’re thinking that the design of this netbook resembles that of a car, then you’re right, well, mostly. Our review unit has a glossy pearl white finish on the lid which somewhat resembles the hood of a, you know which car, and looks pretty neat. Of course the similarities are not even close to the ones between the Asus G53J gaming laptop and a stealth aircraft, but it’s a good attempt nonetheless. The Lamborghini Logo on the lid and the black mesh close to the hinges is more than enough to tell where the design comes from.

The best build quality we've seen on netbooks

Also, the overall build quality and ruggedness is way much better than most netbooks we’ve tested. In fact, despite the 12-inch form factor, it’s hard to not think of it as a tough ultra-portable laptop. Speaking of build, I like the black rubberized wrist reset and the matte metal rim around the touch pad. This nickel-plated metal finish is an extension of what you’ll see around the edges, which makes the unit look pretty slick.

Although glossy, finger prints on a lid aren't really prominent

The one thing I did not like is the glossy touchpad which is prone to finger print stains, not that it’s going to stop you from buying this machine, but really, it looks pretty ugly after prolonged use. So, provided you have a lint-free cloth handy, the aesthetics part is taken care of.

Now that looks ugly

Ergonomically, is unit is quite decent, but the keyboard layout is identical to the Asus EeePC 1215T , which wasn’t the best when it comes to typing. Nevertheless, if you buy this netbook, it will be mainly due to the design, label and a few extra features that it offers.

Publish date: November 26, 2010 1:26 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 6:56 pm

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