The HL-3070CW color printer from Brother is an economical printer for any small business environment or home and can print at decent resolutions of 600 x 2400 dpi. The product has an excellent build quality and a comparatively smaller footprint helping you save valuable space on your desk. The printer is feature-rich and can be connected via the USB, LAN or wireless interfaces. Connect it directly to your PC using a USB cable or share it with other users on your local network using the 10/100 Ethernet port or the wireless G feature. It has a 64 MB buffer memory, good enough for a small to medium office environment.

The HL-3070CW uses the LED light printing technology other than the conventional laser printers that use a laser beam. LEDs are more efficient and reliable as compared to lasers since there are fewer moving parts involved. A bar of square LEDs is placed above each toner cartridge runs across the entire width of the paper. These LEDs create pulse-flashes on the print drum to form the image for printing. The numbers of LEDs per square inch are responsible for the resolution or dots-per-inch. An LED printer can thus print faster than conventional laser printers and produce a fairly better print quality.

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