We have always gone by the notion that small is beautiful. And it generally is. However while they get much easier to carry they tend to lose out on usability. Having said that, the Canon IXUSs have always been the forefront of luxury cameras. Having said that they are also the most sought after cameras that most buyers look out for.

What actually defines this camera is its super compact size. It’s so small that it actually just about takes up the size of your palm. To be more precise the camera just about measures 90.5 x 55.8 x 21.2mm in size but weighs a bit making it wee bit heavy at 140g. Irrespective of its size the IXUS 105 is quite comfortable to hold but feels a little slippery since the body is devoid of any sort of grip. However the camera feels quite durable as it comes encased in a metal body. In addition the matt finish ensures that its body is free of fingerprints. Best of all, you still get a decently sized screen that measures in at 2.7-inch – which is pretty decent considering the size of the device. The performance of the screen is also good and doesn’t turn into an over reflective surface when taken out on a well lit day. Moreover seeing the size of the camera one would expect the buttons to be tiny but the IXUS 105 comes by as a camera with large sized buttons – which makes it quite responsive and astoundingly easy to use. Button placements are typical of a Canon camera and comes with the usual zoom rocker that encircles the shutter release button. What you also get is a decent 4x of optical zoom along with a very viable 28mm lens which helps in capturing a wider frame.

There is nothing fancy in the interface of the IXUS 105 as it comes with the typical shooting modes that most mid range cameras offer. Interface remains the same and comes with a total of 12 different shooting modes. A mode that most Canon cameras are coming with is the Low Light mode. This basically allows you to shoot at a much higher ISO value (max 5000) but at a limited resolution of 2MP. The highest ISO value that is achieved in this mode is 5000. However the overall image clarity will need to be tested to see if this mode is real worth having in the IXUS 105. Point being, this mode does exceptionally well in higher end models such as the G11 and S90. There is also the usual Auto and Video mode which can be changed at the flick of a switch.

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