It’s been a while since the launch of the PowerShot S80 – 5 years to be precise. The PowerShot S90 is more than just a redesigned version of its predecessor – the S80. The camera offers functionality and usability that hasn’t quite been implemented in any other S-series camera. Read on to find out as to what makes the PowerShot S90 so different.

The PowerShot S90 looks like any other compact camcorder but comes with a few minor but helpful changes. The camera measures in at 100 x 58.4 x 30.9 mm which makes it a little bulky for it to be carried around in your pocket; more so due to its protruding lens. Also it also weighs quite a bit at 180 g. Now that’s not exactly a kind of weight you would like to carry around with you in your pocket, would you? The button placements are typical of any Canon camera currently in the market.

While everything fits in almost perfectly the only aspect that I wasn’t too comfortable with was the jog dial that was found to be just too smooth. And with the thumb getting in the way something or the other would definitely change when shooting.

The S90 comes with a 3-inch LCD display that works fine under normal lighting conditions but doesn’t quite do well under broad daylight. The S90 comes with an effective CCD sensor of 10 MP along with a decent 3.8x of optical zoom. Moreover, the camera also comes fit with an image stabilizer that does a neat job of eliminating camera shakes. While it would have been much appreciated had the S90 come with a 24 mm wide angle lens, the 28 mm lens is just as good if not better.

Now coming back to the changes, the S90 comes with a control ring that fits around the lens. The control ring can be used to zoom in and zoom out in increments of 28, 35, 50, 85 and 105 mm equivalent focal lengths. Moreover other functions such as ISO, Exposure value, Focus, White balance and the already mentioned Zoom feature can be assigned to the focus ring.

On the other hand the flash sits neatly tucked away within the camera and only pops out when required. And with a range of 6 meters the flash is powerful and will need to be adjusted when taking close-up shots.

The PowerShot S90 comes with a total of 25 shooting modes where the special scene mode comprises of a decent 17 preset scenes. Here you will find two new modes such as “Low Light” and “Nostalgic”. In low light mode though, the resolution is limited to 2.5 MP and ISO levels touch an insane 12,500. The only aspect that can be changed here is the burst mode and picture quality size; everything else is automatic.

Just like most recent cameras the S90 also comes with an Intelligent Auto mode that basically chooses the most appropriate shooting mode depending on the scene. But for those who want to go beyond the auto mode and feel the need to experiment, there is always the manual mode. Moreover the camera also allows you to shoot in RAW as well as JPEG.

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