Sleek, stylish and elegant – that’s the first thing you notice when it comes to cameras by Casio. The EX-Z2000 is a part of the Exilim zoom line-up series and comes with a decent set of features. Question is – is it good enough to go up against other competing camera manufactures?

To begin with the EX-Z2000 comes in an all metal body with just the right amount of chrome that gives it a rather appealing look. The matt finish ensures that the camera stays free of fingerprints. As mentioned the camera is compact enough to be easily tucked away in your pocket and measures in at 99 x 58 x 17 mm. Going by its overall weight, the Z2000 is a little heavy at 160g but nevertheless comes by as a well designed camera that’s comfortable to handle. The cameras large sized buttons makes it easy to navigate between the various modes and settings that it features. Speaking of which, the EX-Z2000 has a total of seven operational buttons along with a navigational pad. Unlike conventional cameras the Casio EX-Z2000 has the auto mode and scene selection mode towards the top. This prevents the keypads from getting too cluttered. The zoom rocker mounted around the shutter release button allows you to effortlessly zoom in or zoom out of your subject.

Getting into the specifics of the camera the Casio EX-Z2000 comes equipped with a 14.1megapixel CCD sensor along with a 5x optical zoom lens. In addition to this the camera sports a wide angle lens (26mm) that allows you to capture a much wider aspect of the subject. The Z2000 features a decently sized 3-inch screen that performs well under direct sunlight. Moreover pictures appear crisp, clear and viewable at almost all angles – thanks to its high resolution screen (460,000 pixels). However, one major drawback of the camera is that the screen is not resistant to scratches. So pocketing it with a bunch of keys or coins is not a very sane thing to do. Apart from its ability to capture images the Casio also allows recording video in HD which we will speak about later on in the section.

Getting into the features of the camera the Z2000 features a calendar mode that allows you to effortlessly locate images in accordance to the date it was captured on. Having said that, the overall interface is comparable to most other Casio cameras and doesn’t take much to get used to. Most important functions can be accessed via the Set button while the Menu on the other hand allows you to make finer changes to the overall settings. Speaking of which, there are a total of 41 different modes to choose from, making the EX-Z2000 a simple point and shoot camera.

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