Apppli did not stop at the Cricket World Cup 2011 app it had launched earlier during the ICC Cricket World Cup. No doubt, we really liked the app for its easy to understand and use interface and smooth operation. However, does that mean that the IPL 2011 app will be the same?

There’s no change to the look and feel of the interface at all. Apppli has only changed the contents of the menu and that too is not much. The Grounds section has been omitted and instead of World Cup Tree and Points Table, you’ll now find IPL 2011 Tree and IPL Points Table. We noticed that transition between all the menus were really smooth and the overall usability of the app was fantastic. Even a novice can easily get accustomed to this interface

Same ol' menu…

This is probably one area where Apppli could have added a little more, if not a lot. The app features the regular section for live matches, the IPL 2011 Tree, IPL Points Table, Teams, Twitter and News. In the Live Matches option, there is a tab for the current match being played. The second tab is meant for all the results of previous matches while the third is all the upcoming fixtures in the tournament.

The Live Matches tab gives you a ball by ball update of the current match, with an option that lets you read commentary as well. The Results tab show the complete scorecard including the bowling figures table. It also has all the commentary recorded in case you missed what was being spoken! Finally, the upcoming fixtures tab helps users see details about the matches. Also there’s an option to add a reminder before the match starts so that you don’t miss that important fixture. There’s also a Statistics option that shows statistics of the two teams head to head.

Your upcoming fixtures

Your upcoming fixtures

The IPL 2011 Tree is a simple tree diagram of the teams that qualify to the knockout stages of semifinal and final. It has the fixture, including day, date and venue of the match. Long press one of the fixtures and it will give you options for setting a reminder for the match.

The IPL Points Table is a simple table, listing the current rankings of all the teams. It has all details like number of matches played, won, lost, no result and ties. These columns are followed by total points and net run rate of each team. Overall, the table is quite informative.

The Teams option has two tabs for IPL and International teams. If you select an IPL team, you can check out the statistics of that team which includes all of the previous IPL seasons as well. The International Teams also has statistics but it is divided into Tests, ODIs and T20 matches. For both sections, there’s an option to view the players of that particular team, his records and a small bio as well.

Notifying for a match is a good feature

Notifying for a match is a good feature

While the Twitter option lets you read and post tweets regarding cricket (not just IPL, in fact I saw posts regarding the World Cup Final as well!), the news section has all the news on different fronts of the game.

Just like before, Apppli’s Cricket IPL 2011 app is just the app you need to stay in touch with your favorite team and all other happenings in the tournament. I’d probably like some more features like information on other T20 tournaments and some regular trivia thrown in as well. A slightly different look and feel to the interface would be a little refreshing but the current one is not too much of a problem either. If you’re interested in staying in touch with your favourite IPL team, then this app which is absolutely free of cost, is one you should have.

Publish date: April 27, 2011 9:54 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 7:41 pm

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