Everyone once in a while, a company will decide to come up with new products that are catered for the less tech savvy. The new HP Dreamscreen 400 is one such innovation that is aimed at the masses that aren't yet familiar with computers or the internet. HP has designed it to be easily accessible to people with tight budgets.

The hinge for the very elegant stand setup

The hinge for the very elegant stand setup

Features, Design and Build Quality

The HP Dreamscreen 400 is an all-in-one PC, although HP prefers not to call it a PC. It comes with a decently sized 18.5-inch touchscreen display that supports a resolution of 1366×768. The screen, along with the PC hardware, fits into a single piece of molded plastic. It’s very sturdy and the simple stand setup is very elegantly designed. Most of the screen and volume controls for the Dreamscreen 400 are positioned on the right side of the screen, along with an activity indicator for the hard drive.

The all new HP Dreamscreen 400

The all new HP Dreamscreen 400

There are plenty of connectivity options – most of them are found on the left side of the screen. There are two USB ports along with a memory card reader which reads SD/MMC and Sony MemoryStick cards. There are two more USB ports at the back of the Dreamscreen, next to the LAN and audio ports. WiFi support and a DVD drive are also present. On the inside, there is a 250 GB hard drive which can be used to store data that you download from the web or from other external sources. Although the Dreamscreen is designed to be a good content delivery system, it can also be used as a daily computer to some extent.

External drives can be connected to the Dreamscreen as well

The Dreamscreen runs a heavily modified Linux distribution, but it’s not easy to tell. You only see a flash of it when you shutdown the PC. Users can choose the keyboard themselves, but a physical keyboard and mouse are also provided. These are very basic models found on entry-level HP PCs – they don’t go well with the look of the Dreamscreen. The on-screen keyboard has support for various layouts – QWERTY and ABCDEF, as well as a Hindi keyboard. The interface is also available in Hindi, across almost all applications. You can enable this during the login process. Not all the applications are ported to Hindi though.

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