There was nowhere to go but up I guess and hence we’ve reached the ridiculous point of having a mobile phone capable of supporting three SIM cards. It may seem like a bit of overkill but in a country like ours it just could work. Take a closer look.

Form Factor
On the outside it looks like any other mobile handset. There’s no indication that this handset is designed to support not two but three SIM cards and not all GSM either. The third SIM slot is reserved for a CDMA card. There’s even room for a microSD card, it’s no hot swap but I didn’t expect it to be. The display is easy to view even in bright outdoor conditions and the keypad and other button systems are well laid out and very comfortable to use. The 5030 also has a standard mini USB port for PC connectivity or charging and a 3.5mm handsfree for audio. A couple of LEDs are located on the top for use as a torch.

It’s a light weight handset that’s not at all bulky and very well designed.

Features and Performance
The Java based UI is no different from an Intex handset or any other company in this segment is loaded with. It has the same extra menus that pop up when trying to access simple options and a colorful UI. SIM management is not an issue either. When entering a number on the screen the system pulls up a list of your contacts or numbers from your phone log that match which is quite convenient.

The 5030 offers Eq presets for the music player but for further customization you’ll need to go to the setting menu and under the sound settings you’ll be able to edit each preset or create a new one with the aid of an 8 band graphic Equalizer. Sadly these settings don’t really help too much. The decibel level is too low and the audio quality is just not good enough to enjoy music comfortably if you’re in a crowded area or otherwise. The FM radio with its scheduled recording feature worked out quite well though. A voice recorder is also present for voice memos. You will have to keep the handset within 2 feet of you for clear recordings.

The video player was, like in quite a few other cases, unable to smoothly play standard 3GP files. The processor is just not powerful enough to support the slightly higher frame rates. Low quality 3GP and MPEG4 files were not a problem but you will have to compromise on overall quality.

A single Puzzle game is included to help pass the time.

Publish date: March 8, 2010 9:58 am| Modified date: December 18, 2013 6:08 pm

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