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Intex has partnered with Indus OS, a multi-lingual operating system based on Android. To be exact, the OS is an Android fork where the developers have taken the base code from AOSP (Android Open-Source Project) and added their own optimisations and new features to the operating system. The operating system is pegged to be ‘World’s first regional operating system’ with support to 12 Indian languages.

Intex Aqua Supreme+ Indus OS

The languages supported include Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Telugu, Assamese, Gujarati, Malayalam, Odia, Tamil, Urdu. This is the first time I am using Indus OS and my first reaction was ‘Why?’. Partly because I like the Vanilla treatment to Android where there is no bloat and everything is AOSP like without any added optimisations and partly because I didn’t know what Indus OS brought to the table.

Intex Aqua Supreme+ Indus OS

On deep diving, I realised that the Indus OS developers have customised and modelled the entire user experience according to the languages the users are using. They made this by making a record of how a user group living in a certain area with a certain language used the smartphone and what changes they wanted to make to the UI.

Intex Aqua Supreme+ Indus OS

The company also focused on Indus Keyboard, the keyboard that gives users the flexibility to type in two different languages on the fly and switch between them using gestures. The keyboard did not fix to the conventional layout and instead collected user feedback on what should be the optimum keyboard layout.

Intex Aqua Supreme+ Indus OS

The most interesting gesture was Indus Swipe which allowed the keyboard to translate or transliterate just by swiping to the right in the typing field along with usual word prediction features depending on the language and even ‘mantra predictions’ (auto-completing Hindi shlokas and mantras) and auto correct that is not limited to the English language. This feature is also present in Indus Messenger app that replaces the default SMS app on the smartphone.

The OS comes with preloaded apps like the ‘App Bazaar’, a regional take on the Google Play Store which prompts users to install apps using regular notifications. This is because first-time smartphone users are not familiar with what apps to use and they have a hard time figuring things around the operating system and quality apps to choose from.

Intex Aqua Supreme+ Indus OS

They can be easily duped or confused into downloading fake or rogue apps that may use the same logo or description.

Other preloaded apps include NewsPoint, Gaana, Amazon India Shopping, Auto Call Recorder, Bubble Bash 3, Chillx, Dailyhunt, Fashin, FreeCharge, GAME STORE, OxigenWallet, miFon, QRCamera, UC Mini, Vdioplay, Vistoso. These apps try to cover all the basic functions that any user may require ranging from news, gaming, online shopping, digital transactions, download music, vidoes, call recording or phone tracking in case your smartphone is lost.

Performance: 6/10

The performance of this smartphone is not stellar and it works just fine for light work. The device felt a bit sluggish while multi-tasking when I was actively switching between 4-5 apps with just half a second or one second delay for the system to resume the app states, was irritating.

Intex Aqua Supreme+

The device scored 564 in Single core and 1455 in Multi-core benchmarks on Geekbench 4. Supreme+ also scored 12040 in the Quadrant benchmark, 29856 in the AnTutu Benchmark test and 3174 in the PCMark ‘Work Performance 1.0’ test. These scores point out at the weak performance displayed by the smartphone.

Intex Aqua Supreme+ Indus OS

The device also started heating when I was using it in direct sunlight, charging or heavy gaming but because the device is made of plastic, the heat was never uncomfortable or out of control. It also cooled down rapidly after heating up. The audio and voice quality while calling was clear and without any echo.

Intex Aqua Supreme+ Indus OS

Functions like Indus Swipe were a bit sluggish but that maybe because of the lack of powerful processor in the smartphone. One odd thing was that the home screen also took almost a second to load immediately after a reboot or boot.

Intex Aqua Supreme+ Indus OS

The gaming experience was decent with some irritating lags sprinkled around the gameplay in Modern Warfare. Games like Asphalt 8 worked fine but the minor lag kicked in when I knocked out multiple cars in a row. Apart from that, it was all okay.

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