Camera: 5/10

The camera quality of the smartphone was probably the most disappointing. Despite the camera software being relatively feature packed in comparison to the camera software bundled with other smartphones that I have tested in recent past, the quality of photos was extremely sad.

Intex Aqua Supreme+

The photos shot in ample sunlight were dull and the details were washed out in highlights. You can check the photos in the Flickr photo gallery added below to check the camera performance for yourself.

Intex Aqua Supreme+

The camera had a lot of issues with focusing in anything less than ideal lighting conditions. The low-light photos were not possible if you wanted to snap something quickly while walking. Despite stopping and waiting for the camera to properly focus, the images were a blurry and grainy mess lacking details.

Battery: 6.5/10

Battery life is not impressive with Aqua Supreme+ achieving about 6 hours and 47 minutes. The device gave me about 6.5-7 hours on most days. The battery dropped to about 4.5-5 hours on weekends where I used the smartphone quite extensively with 40-50 minutes of gaming, 1-1.5 hour of YouTube streaming, emails and calls.

Intex Aqua Supreme+ Indus OS

The more significant problem for me was the lack of quick charge and a microUSB 2.0 port. Even though lack to reversible USB Type-C port is not really important and I can ignore it for the price point, still quick charge is something essential for a smartphone in 2017. I can’t wait for 2 hours and 35 minutes for the battery to be charged from 0 to 100 percent.

Verdict and Pricing in India

Intex Aqua Supreme+

Intex Aqua Supreme+ is an ordinary smartphone with a stellar software offering for first-time smartphone users. However, even for the price of Rs 9,490, I can’t recommend this smartphone because the competition offers better smartphones at similar price point. Unless you are sold on the regional Indus OS, which I believe there is a significant market for, you will find better alternatives in the Rs 9000 plus price range.

The bad quality of photos, somewhat laggy performance and unremarkable build quality are things that go against the smartphone. Instead of this, I would recommend potential buyers to go with Redmi Note 4, Redmi 3S Prime or Lenovo K6 Power for the better build quality, better photo quality and longer battery life.

Publish date: April 10, 2017 4:10 pm| Modified date: April 10, 2017 4:10 pm

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