Most developers tend to stick to one genre of games as it allows them to master it fully. There are a few like Criterion who can break free from the norm to make both a kick ass racing game (Burnout series) as well as a first person shooter (Black) but other than that, it’s never really worked out too well for anyone. Developer Bizarre Creations, best known for the Project Gotham Racing series moved out from the Racing genre into the action space with The Club and the results were rather lackluster. And their latest offering, James Bond: Blood Stone suffers the same fate.__STARTQUOTE__Perhaps Blood Stone’s biggest fault lies in the fact that it borrows way too much from other games.__ENDQUOTE__Perhaps Blood Stone’s biggest fault lies in the fact that it borrows way too much from other games. As a result of this, it fails to carve an identity for itself. Some games like Darksiders, another amalgamation of famous game mechanics could pull it off but with Blood Stone I always felt I was playing a poor man’s Splinter Cell, Arkham Asylum, Split Second, Bourne Ultimatum etc.

Just another day at the office for Bond

In case the name hasn’t tipped you off by now, Blood Stone is James Bond’s latest video game outing, not based on any movie surprisingly. It’s the usual gamut of espionage, terrorism, deceit, greed and ‘grave threat to the West’ that you’d expect from any Bond medium. The story isn’t particularly engaging and even though Daniel Craig has voiced Bond, he does sound particularly wooden, just like his face (oh yes I did).

Blood Stone is a cover based shooter at heart and it does live up to that moniker fairly well. What sours the experience is the fact that at times, the cover system can get a bit annoying as you’ll find yourself taking cover against objects you don’t intend to. While slipping into cover feels natural, getting out of cover to make a dash for the door feels rather stiff and clunky. Plus the AI you face in every single level is so brain dead, this game is painfully simple even at the normal difficulty.

Being Bond definitely has its perks

Besides the combat you’ll indulge in a fair bit of detective work, courtesy of your smart phone inspired by Arkham Asylum. This phone is pretty much your life support in this game giving you hints, pointing you to your next objective(s) and even informing you of enemy threat(s) nearby. Once enemies are detected, the phone allows you to get the drop on them by pointing out their locations to you, just like, you guessed it, Arkham Asylum. If the game was challenging enough, this would make stealth a necessity but as of now, it’s merely a means for players to indulge in some close quarter silent takedowns. Silent takedowns grant you something called “Focused Kills” which are nothing but one shot kills in slow motion (Splinter Cell: Conviction says Hi).

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