The Kodak Zi8 was an absolute performer that stole the show when it came to performance and looks. The PlaySport, also referred as the Zx3, on the other hand is a little smaller in terms of width and is fully waterproof till a depth of 10 feet / 3 meters. But the question is does it perform just as well as the Zi8?
The Kodak PlaySport features a full hardened plastic body that makes it quite rugged and durable. With respect to its size the Zx3 measures in at 23 x 44 x 8 mm but feels a tad heavy at 128 g. However the weight shouldn’t be your primary concern as it comes in a real sturdy shell – reason why it weighs in a little more than the Zi8. Pocketing it shouldn’t be an issue also as it is barely as big as a cell phone. Moreover the rough rear and ribbed sides add to the overall grip. The HDMI/USB and battery compartment flaps come with rubber gaskets that seals in tight when closed. The inbuilt memory is limited to 128 MB though you are given only 20 MB to record video and stills. Memory can however be added via the expansion slot which supports a whopping 32 GB of memory.

In the looks department the PlaySport comes in with a decent set of looks but isn’t a stunner as the Zi8 proved to be. However this total depends from an individual’s point of view because white isn’t my personal favourite when it comes to gadgets. Having said that, the camcorder comes in three different shades but the front remains unchanged which sports a white face. The screen is a little small at 2-inches but performs well when viewed outdoors. In addition to this the camcorder also features a decent viewing angle. However the screen that the PlaySport comes with isn’t resistant to scratches which shouldn’t have been the case since this particular model is built for rugged usage.

Camera controls are easily accessible as they all come placed just below the 2-inch screen. There are a total of four controls along with a four way directional pad that doubles up as a zoom as well as a fast forward button while recording or when playing videos. The other four controls allow you to preview, delete photos and videos and change various settings. Moreover the camcorder features 2 different shooting modes that improves overall screen visibility. The modes include High Saturation and a Black and White mode. The High Saturation mode comes in handy under low light conditions while the Black and White mode is best used when shooting under really bright conditions. However this doesn’t affect the video that is being shot in any way; these modes basically help improve the overall screen visibility under different conditions.

Publish date: August 23, 2010 12:30 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 6:39 pm

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