Display: 5/10
Lenovo employs a TN panel on this laptop. And the quality shows in the form of shifting colours when you look from the side or different vertical angles. Also the resolution is 1366×768, so one does tend to see pixellation on the 15.6-inch display. It is not bad as such, but if your eyes are used to sharp displays on your mobile phone, you will immediately notice the dithering around text. The black and white levels on the display aren’t great either. The glossy nature of the display makes it too reflective. While the contrast is decent, there is noticeable backlight bleed. As long as you are working with office related programs such as Word or Excel there isn’t an issue with reflectivity, but watch a movie with dark scenes and you will know what I’m talking about.

Performance: 5/10
Considering this is a Pentium powered laptop, we did not have much expectations apart from the bare minimum. As long as you are working with office related documents or are just surfing the web, there isn’t much of visible lag. Heavy websites with rich content, may not always run smoothly. For instance, we noticed on some video heavy sites, full HD videos refused to play back.


The benchmark scores obtained were quite modest, with Cinebench R15 giving 142 points and 3D Mark Skydiver gave 1238 points which is the lowest score we have obtained on a laptop tested in the last couple of years. Crystal Disk Mark 3.0 gave an acceptable 102 MB/s for sequential read speeds and 104 MB/s for sequential write.

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While scrolling using the two-finger gesture on the trackpad, we noticed a massive lag between the time of making to gesture and actually seeing the webpage scroll up or down. Heat management is still better off. Around the palm rest region, the temperatures touched around 38 degrees Celsius which was manageable. The system temperatures reached 68 degrees on load according to Speccy.

Battery life: 5/10

PC Mark battery life
The Lenovo Ideapad 110 offers around 155 minutes on PC Mark 8 battery test. This translates to around 4-5 hours on regular usage scenario. It is ideal to be used as a standalone laptop at home or school, but if you are using it in transit, ensure that it is fully charged.

Verdict and Price in India
Lenovo IdeaPad 110 is a laptop that is strictly meant for the first time buyer, who does not have power intensive requirements – in that case they should be looking at at least a Core i3 or higher models. This Pentium-processor powered laptop priced at Rs 23,990 makes for a good first laptop for school students. Of course, beware that rich media apps and heavy websites will still stutter on the laptop. It is ideal for working with word documents, watching standard definition videos, listening to music, playing Solitaire, among other things. Under Rs 25,000 price bracket, the Lenovo IdeaPad 110 offers excellent value for money.

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