For the ultimate home theatre experience, either a projecor or a really large television is the key. Projectors come with the additional requirement of a large screen to project on. They are also a bit fragile, so consumers usually prefer large plasma or LCD TVs. LG has one such model under the LM9500 lineup called the 72LM9500 which scales a crazy 72-inches. Displays this large aren't officially sold in India so here this big boy has no competition.

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LG's most ambitious LED TV in stores, yet

Design and build quality

The first thing you notice is obviously its mammoth size. The box is massive and the TV itself requires four to five people to get it out of the box. Even though the 720LM9500 is an LED-backlit TV, it’s nowhere close to light. It weighs a massive 65.5 kg in weight, so it’s not very easy to shift and move around. Wall mounting may not be an option either.

The back of the TV made of solid metal, adding to its 65kg weight

The back of the TV made of solid metal, adding to its 65kg weight

The TV isn't very slim at 6cm in depth, which is way more than most LED backlit TVs. It would be difficult to imagine a sleek and slim 72-inch display. But its sheer size is the major attraction. We had a steady stream on people peeking into our labs to check out this massive display.

The stand is heavy and sturdy to support the weight of this display. A thick column connects the display to a wide, sturdy base. The stand allows you to rotate the TV, but it won’t do a complete 360.

A somewhat thicker bezel than on most premium TV models

A somewhat thicker bezel than on most premium TV models

The bezel on the display is thicker than most other TVs and it’s nowhere comparable to the ones you find on comparatively smaller displays from LG and its competitors such as Samsung and Sony. Still, one has to remember that this is a massive display and the weight and build is there to hold up the massive screen without compromising on the structural integrity of the product. Unlike other TVs, this one is mostly made of metal. The entire rear of the TV is made of metal and it’s very sturdy.

Remote control

There’s nothing too different about the remote control that comes with the TV. It’s exactly the same design found on the current line of LG TVs. Not too heavy, it has a predominantly glossy-finish plastic with large buttons for the primary navigation. Multimedia controls for the Smart TV feature can be found at the bottom. 

There’s also a dedicated 3D button that lets you switch from 2D to 3D mode. In case of non-3D content, you get the option to quickly enable 2D-to-3D content conversion. 

The standard remote control - no different than the other models

The standard remote control – no different than the other models

There’s also a separate motion remote called the Magic Motion Remote, which is designed more to be held in the hand. Apart from the basic buttons that you find on regular remote controls, there’s also a scroller in the center. It too is made up of roughly the same quality as the primary remote but this one is better ergonomically designed.

3D Glasses

LG has been pretty successful with 3D, primarily because of the passive 3D glass technology. Typically, active shutter glasses have some flicker and this results in eye fatigue, especially if you’re watching it for more than half an hour at a time.

The passive 3D glasses - lightweight and lacking need for batteries

The passive 3D glasses – lightweight and lacking need for batteries

LG has worked on the exisiting 3D glasses to make them sleeker. They’re made of plastic and look like any other pair of glasses, without batteries on them. 


Starting with the most essential features, this is a 72-inch IPS LCD display with LED backlighting running at a resolution of 1920×1080. It’s 3D ready and it’s got smart TV features, similar to other LG TVs. 

Connectivity-wise, there are USB ports at the rear of the TV. They’re placed quite high up, which means a small corded USB hard drive hangs in mid-air. It would’ve been better if these ports were placed lower, considering the size of the TV. There are three USB ports on the rear and four HDMI ports to use for different sources. There’s also a D-Sub port and an optical connector. The other end of the TV has the physical controls. 

Free sample 3D content channel, accessible over the web

Free sample 3D content channel, accessible over the web

There’s no sign of a Composite connector, but there is an RCA connector for those who would still want to use traditional cable TV connections. For internet connectivity, there’s a LAN port which is particularly handy if you want to stream high-definition content over the network. You also have the option to connect a Wi-Fi adapter or a USB keyboard and mouse to the TV for easier use.

Smart TV features

Apart from the size and 3D capability, the Smart TV feature is a major draw. Pressing the Home button throws up the entire dashboard of Smart TV features on the TV. Important content categories are positioned in boxes, one after another. For example, there’s a section that shows a preview of the current video source, followed by premium content, which is basically apps and web services such as Facebook, Youtube, Google Maps and a bunch of other such services. If you connect a compatible LG camera and microphone, you can even use Skype on the TV. Clearly, there is lots of potential. 

The smart TV dashboard

The smart TV dashboard

The next box contains 3D content that is streamed over the Internet, but we weren’t particularly impressed by the content. It looked in almost all cases, like 2D-to-3D content with very little or close to no 3D effect. The next category is for LG apps designed for the TV. They are a mix of simple information and some of them even have audio and video content in them. All of this is tied together using a single account that you can register via the TV’s interface or using a web browser.

Speaking of web browsers, the TV has its own web browser that's pretty fast and accurate when it comes to rendering pages. However, we feel that LG could have done a better job with the keyboard. Typing continues to be a pain and we recommend buying a wireless keyboard if you intend to use the TV for long hours browsing. Don’t expect to be doing productive tasks on it though. You’re much better off on a tablet, if you were to consider multitasking between windows and apps.

A complete web browser, with Flash support

A complete web browser, with Flash support

LG provides some 2.1GB of space for installing apps on the TV. Of course, most of the apps are minute so there’s ample space for tons of apps. These apps are categorised in the listing as Game, Entertainment, Life, Education, News. 

The last major box on the dashboard is the Smart Share screen, which is where you can play media from remote devices, USB drives and other local network resources such as NAS devices. Of course, there’s DLNA support and other proprietary protocols to make things more streamlined.

There are more controls available on the lower end of the screen. There’s a bar of controls which offers users, quicker ways to access media. It would be great if these were prominently marked and accessible directly from the remote rather than having to go to it, via the interface.

Youtube interface - slick, minimalistic and well designed

Youtube interface – slick, minimalistic and well designed

The TV also has a unique feature called Dual Play, which lets you use the 3D glasses, which are seperately marked as A and B, to view two different views of a game using a single TV. It works by using a split-screen game on a PC or a console, then using the Dual-Play view to view the entire screen with one view. 


The TV comes with all kinds of enhancements enabled but for the sake of the test, we disabled all the colour and smooth motion enhancements to get the most natural and unmodified view of the content.  There’s the same level of customisation that you find on other high-end televisions, so tweaking the television to the final step is possibe.

Video quality in general is good, as long as you sit a good 5 – 6 ft away from the screen. Any closer than three feet and the larger pixels can be seen. In fact, if you really stand close to the TV. One of the biggest complaints we have is the backlighting. With the lights turned off, and a dark screen, it’s easy to see large patches of backlight bleeding in the corners of the screen. However, this isn’t obvious when you’re watching movies on it. Black levels otherwise are pretty good.

Coloured glasses - for dual-view modes only

Coloured glasses – for dual-view modes only

3D is a nifty feature and it works alright with this TV. Even with the 3D content provided in the online channel, there’s hardly any depth perception with the glasses on. A full-HD movie with 2D-to-3D conversion turned on does a much better job at it. There’s less eye strain than you would find on most other active shutter glasses. 

Audio quality is average and it’s nowhere close to as impressive as the visual quality and the massive size. The speakers aren’t round or very clear and they appear to be facing the rear. With a rather thick bezel, we would’ve preferred to have speakers facing us. Still, this is not an issue. If you’re going to be spending so much on a television of this size, it’d be wrong not to buy an equally impressive sound solution.

Some of the social networking and apps available to you

Some of the social networking and apps available to you

Media playback performance is good. Quality of the videos is decent and jumping from one video to another happens effortlessly. Skipping and fast forwarding videos is also well done. Fast forwarding can be done by moving the playback point to the place you want to get, then skipping to it. 

Verdict and price in India

The really massive LG 72LM9500 3D LED-backlit TV

The really massive LG 72LM9500 3D LED-backlit LCD TV

The LG 72LM9500 is a one of a kind television, no doubt. It’s expensive –  an MRP of Rs. 7,00,000 in India. It’s large and very impressive to look at and it’s a good buy if you have that kind of money. Sure, it doesn’t have the absolute stunning over-the-top quality that we’ve seen from some of the other flagship TV models from other brands, but the size really makes up for it. If you’ve always wanted a large display and didn’t want to go in for a projector, this might be the correct alternative for you.

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