The LG BX580 3D Blu-ray player was sent to us by LG a while back when we were testing their mammoth-sized 55-inch LX9500 TV, and I’ve been using this very Blu-ray player to test all the other TVs and monitors that have come in. It's fair to say it has served me well, so I thought it was about time I gave it a little extra attention.

Slim and great to look at

Design and features
The BX580 is a gorgeous, slim player that has a combination of jet glossy black on the front panel, and a matte finish for the rest of the body. Its measurements are 430 x 204mm, and it is 44mm thick. The front panel covers up all the buttons and disc tray, as well as the USB port. The only problem with this design is that you will need to keep the front panel open to access the USB port, which destroys the purpose of having the panel altogether. Apart from this, I think the player looks really nice, and LG has added a few extras such as vertical blue lights at the side of the Blu-ray 3D logo that give it a very cool look.

The blue lights make it look cool

The blue lights make it look cool

As far as connectivity goes, the BX580 is pretty much covered. It has all the usual connections like component/composite, HDMI 1.4 (apparently 1.3 will also work for 3D viewing), optical, coaxial and an Ethernet port for connecting to websites like YouTube and Picassa. But all this is pretty much expected from a high-end Blu-ray player, so what really takes the cake for me is the USB port. This port can not only play MKV files, but can also read hard drives unlike regular players that only accept flash memory. This, for me, is a total win situation!

There are a few connections that LG has left out in this player, though. I was trying to test a basic 5.1 speaker set which had no HDMI, and I could not do this, as there is no output option for analog multichannel audio. And yes, maybe they could’ve also provided a second HDMI port in case you want to send a separate audio signal to a non-3D compatible AV receiver.

No Multichannel analog audio output - sad..

No Multichannel analog audio output – sad..

As far as other features go, the LG BX580 3D Blu-ray player is quite loaded. You can watch videos on YouTube, or view images on Picassa. The added DLNA function also allows you to stream content wirelessly from your PC through Wi-Fi or Ethernet. The file formats supported here are MP3, WMA, WAV for audio, MPEG 1/2/4 and MKV for video and JPEG and PNG for pictures. Additionally, Nero’s MediaHome 4 Essential software has been added so that it’s easier for you to use this player with your Windows XP and Vista systems.

When you put in an audio disc, the player has a great feature that will display artwork, artist names and individual song titles, provided you are connected to the internet. You can also use the inbuilt software to rip files from CDs directly onto a flash drive

Easy to use remote

Easy to use remote

The remote for the BX580 looks nice and fit in my hand very comfortably. The buttons are large, and the writing on them is clear, making the remote very easy to use.

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