Mitashi has been known to produce some pretty cheap products, and while I never had the guts to actually go out and buy one of them, I finally got to test out their 24 inch LED TV that boasts of a number of features including 1080p playback and a dynamic contrast ratio of 100,000:1. So did I flame it, or did it set me on fire? If you want to find out, stay on this page…

The Mitashi LED 24 inch Full HDTV

Design and Features
Mitashi is synonymous with the word thrifty, and this was evident right from the start, when I took the TV out of its box. Everything from the box it came in to the TV itself screamed ‘I’m cheap’. The box was made from thin cardboard, the padding was some really cheap looking foam, and the TV stand and TV seemed very flimsy and plasticky.

The leaning tower of Mitashi

When I finally finished mounting the TV on its stand, I noticed that it wasn’t a good fit. The TV seemed to be quite precariously positioned, as even the slightest touch would make it wobble. In fact, the TV is actually positioned at an angle, slanting backwards, which just goes to show that the design is flawed.

Plenty of input options

The TV itself is quite thin, and pretty decent to look at with its jet-black bezel (although it’s a fingerprint magnet), and feather touch buttons at the bottom of the screen. At the back, you will find quite a few connections right from component and composite to s-video and USB. Of course, HDMI is a given, but they’ve also added an audio input for the computer, as well as an audio out (which is something you’ll certainly need with this TV). And what’s more, you can also use this with your PC, as they’ve included a VGA input.

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