Olive’s marketing concept for their mobile handsets is to give them names in addition to complicated serial numbers. The names themselves are in SMS-text type short forms which make them a little easier to distinguish, in this case the V-G200, because of its high powered battery is called the Pwrr. For those unfamiliar with SMS text short forms that’s – Power. Here’s a closer look.

Form Factor
The G200 is a simple candy bar device that doesn’t come off as overly attractive. When it comes to ergonomics though, it’s extremely well designed albeit slightly on the bulky side. The large keypad makes for quick and comfortable typing. The five way nav-pad and the 2.4-inch resistive touchscreen help enhance the handset’s overall aesthetic appeal. The only connectivity port is a mini USB slot on one side that serves as a universal point of contact for charging and using the handsfree. The MicroSD (support for up to 4GB) is located under the massive 2000mAh Li-ion battery, above the Dual SIM slots. A simple VGA camera is mounted on the rear.

It may not be the best looking handset out there but it’s certainly one that’s been designed to be very user friendly.

Features and Performance

It’s the same old JAVA UI as we’ve seen in all the other handsets in this category. Like Samsung’s TouchWiz interface for their desktops and the copy of the same that’s also available with the Intex IN4495, the G200 also has a drag and drop widget system. There are multiple widgets in the pop out desktop menu that you can place on the desktop for quick access. Unlike the 4495’s UI though, the G200’s is smooth and there’s no lag at all. The Stylus is handy on a rare occasion as everything works seamlessly using just the physical keypad and nav-pad.

The UI is also relatively finger-friendly so that’s an option as well. The handset’s handwriting support could have been better refined and it doesn’t easily distinguish between an ‘a’ and a ‘d’ and a few other alphabets. Unfortunately there’s no memory tutorial for this.

In the music department the G200 is good with music quality but the decibel is way too low to enjoy that quality if you’re outdoors. It has a no frills player so nothing can be done to further enhance the output. The handsfree provided isn’t the best there is and doesn’t really help the cause. The FM radio’s reception was just about average. If you’re stationary in a place that usually gets good reception there’s nothing to complain about but in most other places the pick up was not as good as other handsets in this budget category. A melody composer to create ringtones and a voice recorder are also present.

Video playback was not smooth when it came to standard 3GP files. For some reason though the handset refused to play my lower end MPEG4 files that other handsets at least read successfully. For seamless playback you’ll have to seriously downgrade your videos to watch on the handset. Low end MPEG4 files didn’t have an issue but quality was shot.

Publish date: March 16, 2010 1:54 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 6:09 pm

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