Performance: 7/10

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime performed respectably well, without any sign of lag for the duration of the review. The overall UI animations by Samsung were not instant but more gradual. This may be deliberate attempt by the company to make sure that users don’t detect the stuttering and slowness in the animations.

Samsung J7 Prime Benchmark

Otherwise, Exynos 7870 coupled with 3GB RAM zipped through all the tasks, music, gaming, web browsing and photo editing. The call quality of the device was good with a decent amount of sound and clarity. The loudspeaker option during calls had adequate sound for a group to actively participate in the call.

One thing to note is that the performance of Fingerprint sensor was slow and inaccurate at times. Sometimes the sensor failed to recognise the fingerprints and other times pointed out that there was no match. It sometimes registered the incorrect fingerprints 4-5 times, temporarily locking the user out for 30 seconds. Even with correct finger orientation, there was nothing amazing about the sensor and the time from putting the finger on the sensor to unlocked home screen varied from 0.8 seconds to 1.4 seconds.

Samsung J7 Prime PCMark

The smartphone scored 4647 in the PCMark ‘Work performance 1.0’ benchmark along with scoring 669 in Single-Core and 3160 in Multi-Core benchmarks in Geekbench 4. Galaxy J7 Prime surprisingly did not heat up considerably during extended gaming sessions and held admirably to heavy games like DeadTrigger 2, Modern Combat 5 and Asphalt 8. The temperature of the device did reach 42-degree Celsius during gaming, but it was in a small area and did not heat up the entire device.

Samsung J7 Prime GeekBench

It scored 6855, 5102 and 8489 in IceStorm, IceStorm Extreme and IceStorm Unlimited benchmarks respectively.

Camera: 6/10

The camera has always been the Achilles heel for mid-range devices offered by Samsung. Despite the 13MP sensor, the rear camera on the device is bad. The photos are decent provided decent lighting conditions and dive to blurry mess in less than ideal conditions. The front camera is no respite and delivers blurry and sub-par photographs.

Samsung J7 Prime

Low light shots are just painful and filled with noise and chromatic aberrations. The company needs to improve the camera experience offered in its Mid-range devices in addition to the excellent quality offered in its flagship devices.

Samsung J7 Prime Camera

The camera app does provide different modes like Auto, Pro, Panorama, Continuous shot, HDR Rich Tone, Night Mode, Beauty face, Sports and Sound & Shot. But they do little to improve the overall camera experience. One funny thing to note in “Pro” mode is that it only lets you change the Exposure Compensation, ISO sensitivity and White Balance of the camera without any options to control the shutter speed. The “Sound and Shot” mode works like live photographs without the ‘live’ photograph part and instead of adding a sound clip to a still shot.

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