There isn’t much of a difference design wise between the Sony Cyber-shots especially when you look at the W series models. If you put them up against one another the only difference you will be able to note are a few curvy and rounded edges that some sport. Other than that, they look and feel almost the same.

What we have here is the Sony DSC-380 that pretty much resembles the WX-1. The DSC-380 comes with a brush metal finish and measures in at 91.7 x 51.9 x 19.7 mm – which makes it easy to carry around. Moreover the DSC-380 is significantly light considering that the body is made of metal – a mere 130 g with battery. As with most Sony cameras button placement is good and protrudes just enough to allow you to navigate with ease. The jog dial would have been better placed had it been shifted a little more towards the edge of the camera body – thereby allowing you to switch between modes with ease.

The DSC-380 comes with a 2.7-inch LCD display that works well under broad daylight but sadly isn’t resistant to scratches. The camera has an image resolution of 14.1 MP and features a sweet 5x optical zoom and an optical image stabilizer.

The Sony DSC-W380 is fast and takes just about 1.5 seconds to switch on thereby allowing you to shoot almost instantaneously.

A nice addition to the DSC-W380 is the calendar mode that allows you to view images according to the month and date they were taken on. The best part of the camera is the 24 mm wide angle lens that allows you to capture a major chunk of the subject without having you to move far away. The camera also comes with a smile detection mode that automatically clicks the moment a smile is detected. Moreover it also comes with an intensity level – slight, normal and big. Setting it to big will really require you to do more than just smile. You will definitely need to stretch till your jaws and cheek hurt. Wonder why some companies keep such insane levels for just a friggin smile?

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