Since the rather successful launch of the GTX 580, of which we’ve reviewed both a reference and a factory overclocked design, the only thing holding people back from getting the ridiculously powerful card was its price. Hovering around Rs. 30,000, it’s not a small amount of money by any means and it wasn’t ever going to be what most people could afford. Flagship cards often turn out that way though, so people with tighter purse strings either had to wait it out for their prices to drop – which would often mean waiting for a whole generation or more – or pick up cards that are more affordable, yet suffer from only a very respectable drop in performance. The Galaxy GTX 570 is one such card.

Does it live up to its billing?

Does it live up to its billing?

Design and Packaging
The reference GTX 570 is very similar to the GTX 580 in terms of design. It houses an identical copper vapour cooling chamber, which should give it the same low-hum noise signature as its big brother. Where it differs is that the 570 only requires two 6-pin PCI-e connectors compared the 6-pin + 8-pin connector requirement the 580 has. The additional vent at the back of the card is also back and while it should provide some more cooling for cards in an SLI setup, users with mid-tower ATX cases should be careful with their wire management so as to not block the vent.

The packaging is pretty standard Galaxy fare, with the very familiar looking box. Inside it is a glossy black box which looks pretty cool, but with absolutely no logos on it. The Galaxy GTX 570 comes bundled with a DVI-VGA adapter and even a mini-HDMI to HDMI cable, which is pretty sweet.

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