I’m a big fan of Japanese companies – the tech-related ones, of course. So when I got the Sensei 204G, it initially looked like a winner (and a good competitor) in the PMP field. But what follows is what I actually found out.

The 204G is a small little player, with dimensions of 72 x 42 x 9mm and at 50g it's pretty light to carry around. The screen is just a 2-inch TFT display, and although it’s not surprising that the screen size couldn’t get any bigger, it feels a bit weird watching a video on such a tiny thing. Moving on to the buttons of the player, you can find a four-way keypad next to the display and above that is the mode button (which got me all confused at first!). The keypad has buttons for volume, play/pause and forward/backward, which double up as navigation buttons when you are in the menu.

240G: The video disaster

240G: The video disaster

On the right side, you will find a port for mini-USB, the power button and finally the 2.5 mm headphone jack. Did you notice anything weird? Well, it doesn’t have a lock button, and the headphone jack is not a standard 3.5mm. At the back of the 204G is a loudspeaker, so you can refrain from stressing your ears every now and then. The earphones that are bundled with the device have the feel of those cheap plasticky headphones that might not last too long.

240G : The music master-in-training

240G : The music master-in-training

Overall, the design was below average. I felt the button placement could have been better, or maybe the overall size itself (but that is the company’s decision of course) could have been a little bigger to accommodate those essential components that make a PMP.

User Interface and features

The Interface is a very dull one, and maybe some light shades in the background would have given it a bright and intuitive feel. The icons and fonts are quite appropriate. Traversing through menus is a little confusing, partly because the “Mode” button does random things and partly because the volume button should NOT be used as a “back to the previous menu” button. It gets even more irritating because they are placed one above the another! So as I said, the UI is dull, but the software is certainly not sluggish and can handle quick browsing.

Publish date: December 8, 2010 1:00 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 6:59 pm

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