In the world of fast cars, fast women, summer beach houses, jets and caviar there’s just one thing that completes the picture for any self respecting jet-setter – a Vertu Mobile. Nokia’s luxury brand of mobile handsets is the very last name in style, class affluence and status when it comes to the mobile industry.  Their Ascent Ti Ferrari Nero Limited Edition, designed after the car, is available in India in a few select outlets and only in very limited quantities. In fact only 2009 handsets were built and distributed to retailers the world over.  We managed to get a sneak peak at the device at one of the stores so here’s a closer look.

Form Factor
There are but two words that came to mind when I set off to describe this handset – stunning and hardcore. The Ferrari Limited Edition is encased in Black finished titanium with knurled rubber, titanium side panels, Nero leather (straight from the car’s seats) for the rear cushion and space grade ceramics for the ear (speaker) portion. The keypad consists of precision engineered stainless steel buttons and each and every one of the 2009 keypads are handmade with ruby bearings underneath to ensure longevity of use. It doesn’t get more exclusive than that. The 2.2-inch display (240 x 320 pixels, 262k colors) is completely scratch resistant thanks to it being ‘carved’ from a Sapphire Crystal. There’s no memory card slot as the handset is loaded with 4GB of user memory.

On one side is a camera button for the 3.1MP AF camera (LED flash) and on the other side is a dedicated key to access Vertu’s exclusive Concierge service.  A universal  proprietary-like mini USB  port is at the bottom of the device can be used to connect a handsfree kit (not included), USB cable and the charger (both included). Even the rear panel battery cover (that requires a key to unscrew) is designed to mirror the distinctive bonnet detailing you’d find on the Nero and the sides of the Ascent Ti are also sculpted to reflect the louvers, found on various other Ferrari cars.

It’s a brilliantly constructed phone that I’m told, can stop a bullet. The black titanium body takes its overall sex appeal to new standards even if it does weigh in at 160g. Incidentally the ‘Ti' in the name is actually the chemical symbol for Titanium.

Features and Performance

Do not expect too much from this or any other Vertu model in terms of features like you’d find in today’s average smartphone. The Vertu brand offers simplistic mobile functionality with a few exclusive features that only Vertu users have access to. It’s a status symbol. The UI is a variation of Nokia’s Symbian S40. It’s vibrant, colourful and easy to navigate. 

The Ferrari Ltd. Ed. Handset sports a pretty standard music player that reads MP3 and WAV files. It also supports full screen video playback of MPEG4 and 3GP file types. Java based games can also be downloaded and played. The built-in 20mm speakers have designed by Yamaha to provide the best possible audio. In the ringtone section you’ll find engine sounds of the Nero and other Ferrari automobiles.

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