More from the Videocon camp is in the form of their V1302 budget multimedia phone. The V1302 is a simple device that’s built to provide basic functionality with a few ‘cool’ functions thrown in. Take a closer look.

Form Factor
The V1302 is a well designed, simplistic candy bar handset that's just a bit on the heavy side because of its 1800 MHz battery. The microSD card slot can easily accommodate up to 8GB of space but is unfortunately located under the battery. The keypad has a rubberized coating with very large well spaced keys – conducive for quick typing. The Five-way nav-pad is also designed to provide quick access to the handset's multimedia features viz. the FM radio and music player. A set of dual LEDs are located on the top for use as a torch and a mini USB port is located at the bottom for connecting the handset to the charger and the handsfree.

It’s a sober looking handset with a definite feel good factor about it.

Features and Performance

The UI is simple, neatly laid out for easy navigation but is also just a little bit laggy. It also has a bit of a ‘blur’ factor that can be a bit disorienting at times which is a key factor that could make this a bit of a problematic handset.

The music player is quite standard and although it seems like it’s capable of very decent audio the bundled handsfree doesn’t seem equipped to handle it too well. When it comes to calls though, the handsfree works just fine. The speakerphone can dish out quite a bit of volume for both music and calls. The audio player also has a set of EQ presets that can make quite a difference. An FM radio with a ‘schedule to record’ feature is also present and has no issues. Reception is quite good and recordings come out quite well if the reception is clear enough. There’s a separate sound recorder option also available but the microphone’s range isn’t too great. A melody composer has been added for users to create their own ringtones.

The V1302 can also play video files depending on the format they’re converted to and the resolution, frame rate etc. However even my lowest grade 3GP test video was framing quite a bit. The lower grade MPEG 4 files didn’t play.

Publish date: February 2, 2010 1:32 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 6:03 pm

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