First off, I have to admit that I was not sure what the actual name of this phone was – whether I should call it the Zeus, Evolve or V7500. Zeus is printed on the handset but the website also calls it the V7500 Evolve. It seems that Videocon is going all out for this handset, but does it live up to the Android users expectations or will it fare just as well as Spice’s Mi-300 and be content with mediocrity? Read on to find out in our exclusive review.

Form Factor
When I said earlier that Videocon is going all out for this handset, I wasn’t being metaphoric. The Zeus (I’m going to stick to that, it’s easier to remember) comes in a packaging that looks like a whole forest was taken down for the one box. Completely unnecessary. It seems Videocon just clean forgot, Green is IN! The large jazzy packaging does however come with quite a few goodies for the handset, aside from the standard USB, charging cable and handsfree kit, an 8GB microSD card, car charger, extra battery and carry case have also been thrown in.

The Zeus is a neat handset and is quite like Spice's Android offering except for a few details. For one thing, this one comes off as far more elegant. The specs are almost identical though as the Zeus also has a 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen with a 320 x 480 pixel resolution (HVGA) with multi-touch capabilities, a 3.5mm handsfree socket on top, concealed micro USB port on one side, volume/zoom keys and the camera button on the other side and a hot swap microSD card slot under the rear panel. Suffice to say, the OEM for the shell etc. has got to be the same. I do however, prefer the large call Take and End keys on the Zeus and the overall design and bronzed coloration gives it a sophisticated look.

The touch sensitive key arrangement under the display, just like the Mi-300’s, does not light up. I suggest memorizing their placement as you’ll need to know where the Home, Return or Options keys are in the dark, if you ever require them.

Features and Performance

What really annoys me is the total lack of originality that manufacturers have sometimes. Videocon has adopted the very same gaudy and slightly kiddish looking UI as the Mi-300. It’s a stark contrast to the device’s elegant look. Android’s standard look would have been a better option in this case. The icons are slightly oversized and a little too colorful for my taste. The layout is however not really an issue considering it’s running on Android 1.6. It’ll get an upgrade to Éclair (2.1) in November is what I was told and the buck stops there, no more updates after.

UI handling is smooth. It’s responsive and easy to navigate. Of course 2.1 will add quite a bit more as Facebook and Twitter integration with your contacts is not available with this version. You can however Sync your phone book to your Google account.

Audio quality was a step up from Spice’s offering. The volume was loud enough to comfortably listen to even in a crowded train with quality being quite decent. You can create playlists on the go. The lack of an FM radio is quite a stinger, not that there’s great stuff on the air these days but for the price it should have come with the feature. The Zeus handles iPhone MP4 videos and 3GP files with no issues. Use Rockplayer if you want to play other video formats although the display resolution isn’t high enough to make them look great. Nevertheless playback was smooth with little to no framing.

Publish date: October 27, 2010 1:17 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 6:51 pm

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