Vivo indeed seems to be a winner these days. It has beat Xiaomi in its home market and after sticking to budget smartphones for long, and has now begun to introduce interesting mid-range devices in India.

The first of these devices, (we expect some more to show up) is the recently announced Vivo V5 Plus. I reviewed the Vivo V5, it took some great selfies, but the rear camera was not exactly up to the mark. Again I was not happy about the price tag either, that offered a plastic-bodied smartphone at a sub Rs 20,000 price tag.

With the launch of the Vivo V5 Plus, I expected a lot better with the ‘Plus’ tag, but hearing the Rs 27,980 price tag gave me jitters. A week after using this selfie-smartphone, my opinion about it seems to have changed completely.

Build and Design: 7.5/10

Since the Vivo V5 was the first smartphone to be launched in India in the V5 series, it’s easy to spot how the Plus model picks many of its design traits from. Oddly, the design also seems to be similar to Apple’s iPhone 7 models, with the antenna gaps at the back stretching towards the top and bottom edges. Indeed, there is nothing special here, and that soft gold finish makes it look similar to other smartphone offerings coming from China. It’s a pity that there’s only one gold finish available.

Vivo V5 Plus Review Tech2 (13)

Vivo V5 Plus Review Tech2 (3)

The quality of the mouldings, and the overall finish of the smartphone is certainly commendable. This has to be the first premium-looking device from Vivo in India and its quality can only be compared to the OnePlus 3/3T which also happens to fall in the same price bracket. However, I would have preferred a bevelled finish for the iPhone-like camera bump on the back.

Vivo V5 Plus Review Tech2 (2)

While there is a 2.5D glass on the front, it often feels flat thanks to the thick white plastic lipping that kills what would have otherwise been a seamless look from the front to the sides of the smartphone.

Vivo V5 Plus Review Tech2 (5)

Vivo V5 Plus Review Tech2 (4)

Vivo V5 Plus Review Tech2 (6)

On the front you will also see something unique at the top, with two camera units on the front accompanied by a ‘moonlight glow’ selfie flash on the right of the receiver, next to the ambient light sensor. The fingerprint reader sits at the bottom and also doubles as a home button which can be pressed down.

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