My phone garners a lot of interest and is often the topic of discussion. Especially, the so-called geeks can’t seem to get enough of it. Let me stop you right there…i.e. before you start rattling names of the latest smartphones. I am a proud owner of a Nokia 5800. Yes, I know I said proud and meant it, too. Touchscreen was the buzz word, then and when Nokia launched 5800, I knew I had to buy it. And am quite happy to relate that the phone has served me well and continues to do so, despite people trying to make me feel a part of near-extinct tribe.     

Buy an Android is the constant refrain. When I ask why, the reply usually is that how there are millions of apps and there is so much you can do by rooting the device. Well! sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t need those million apps. And it’s not like I don’t have any at my disposal on the Nokia platform. There are apps that I swear by – QuickOffice, Scrabble, M-Indicator, NewsHunt, Whatsapp, just to name a few. Apart from these, I download a number of apps from time to time, either out of curiosity or because it seemed fun at that point in time. These included social networking, imaging apps, certain games, and other nonsensical, but fun apps. But what I have come to realize and I am quite sure it holds true for the rest of you as well, is the fact that after the novelty wears off within a few days, I don’t go back to those apps. They just continue to hog memory and serve no other purpose than maybe sit as a decorative element on the screen.   

Like they say, old is gold...

Like they say, old is gold…

Speaking about the ‘there is so much you can do by rooting the device’; well I am not the one to tinker around to root the phone. If I were looking for something more from the device, then I would rather buy myself a tablet or a notebook. Also, I look at my phone as primarily a device for communication. And the fact that I can surf the Internet, keep a tab on social networks, access my e-mail, click decent pictures, read eBooks, listen to music, watch videos and more, comes secondary. All of which by the way, my phone is capable of doing and does a decent job at it, as well. 

Despite that, more often than not I find myself at the receiving end of jibes, ridicule and at times even pity. And what seems to be working against me is the fact that I work for a tech magazine for a living. I have lost count on the number of times that people (not just limited to my colleagues) have exclaimed, “When are you planning on replacing this ‘dabba’?” or “Get an Android”. During team meets, whenever somebody is looking for an old phone, either to rip apart or perform one of their experiments, all eyes turn towards me, invariably. When initially I would launch into a spiel of how I am quite happy with my phone, I discovered that my simple logic didn’t seem to register. So now I simply choose to ignore. 

Having said that, however, I know my phone has certain limitations and I wish it had certain features; a better camera to begin with, but that’s manageable. And just to clear the air, no, I am not against Android nor am I a Nokia fangirl (at least that’s what I like others to believe). Also, I'd rather take a vacation than spend an X amount on getting the latest phone, especially when I know that I won’t use it any differently, than the one I do now! 

Publish date: June 8, 2012 6:41 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 10:28 pm

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