The much awaited Samsung Galaxy S4 was unveiled very recently and just like previous Galaxy iterations, the super-hyped smartphone comes loaded to the hilt with UI goodies. The big question I’m sure you’re asking yourself is, should I patiently set aside my need to own the latest smartphone for the next month or so till it hits India, or simply go with the next best thing that’s already here? Whatever that might be. At the moment, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from as all the big players have announced or launched their contributions to the high end smartphone segment. This conundrum, not one that we don’t deal with a few times a year at least, is what pushes the players to the limits of the game.

The fact is, based on the specifications and features announced for the S4, the device really does have something worth waiting for. On paper that is. But at what price? That’s not yet been announced, making the decision to wait or go for what’s in front of you, that much harder.

Should you be one of the minorities of the populace looking to finally get into the smartphone game with money being no object, the S4 is something to seriously consider. Sure the Android OS, iOS, BlackBerry or Windows Phone for that matter have learning curves of their own, but if you’re looking for a whole new experience on a mobile then any of these OS’ have the potential to give you that. However, taking all things into account, Samsung does seem to be the only one hell bent on taking the mobile experience up a notch.

From the stand point of pure specifications, the Galaxy S4 like many other new devices, has simply upped the hardware to keep up with today’s technological advancement. It’s simple progression really. The user experience is what should ultimately make or break your choice of handset. In this case with fancy new features that include motion controlled scrolling, Smart Pause, Smart Stay, S Voice, split screen viewing and much more, you have the opportunity to see just what a smartphone is capable of doing. Of course some of these features can be duplicated with appropriate apps. But taking into account that a few smartphone users consider these features to be a little gimmicky, the fact remains that Samsung seems to be quite focused on making sure that their customers end up with not just a high-spec'd device but one that gives them a refreshed user experience.


Features galore, but is it worth the wait?

Each new Galaxy device brings something new to the table with a few improvements made to existing features. So naturally Samsung has tacked on a few more S-features to the Galaxy S4 but on the other hand, seeing as they tend to provide updates to their previous generation of high end devices including new-gen features, owning a Galaxy S3 or Note2 isn’t going to be a bad thing at all. It’s a matter of waiting till the S4 hits the stores and an update rolls out to existing devices. So if you already own one of these, just hold on to it for a bit. You won’t be missing out. Now if you’re a good generation behind i.e. you’re still using the Galaxy S2 or the original Note, upgrading to the S3 or Note2 when the new updates hit will be worth your while as well, and so very much cheaper.

Samsung has stuck to their guns and are working to improve their offerings in terms of experience while evolving their hardware consistently. It’s debatable on whether or not they might not have the very best offerings available just yet as features like S-Voice could still be a little behind compared to the competition, but you have to commend them for continuously improving their features, and not just launching and forgetting about them. In the end, there are thousands of relevant apps to be found on the Play Store to enhance your usage but here’s one bunch of guys determined to give you something to talk about from the get go. Maybe that, and that alone, is why they’re at the top.

Publish date: March 22, 2013 11:45 am| Modified date: December 19, 2013 10:18 am

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