Last week developer Crytek released Crysis 2 across the Xbox360, PS3 and PC. While console fanboys were locked in a battle as to which version was “more superior”, PC gamers were on another trip condemning Crytek for a multi-platform release. How dare they make Crysis 2 this scalable that it could run on consoles? Why was Crysis 2 not melting their PCs and where the hell was DirectX 11 support? And then there were sites running constant texture comparisons between Crysis 2 and its predecessor. What’s that now, grass blade no.12,22,356 was not as detailed as rock no. 346,178 from Crysis. God damn, I’m angry now. Crytek will feel my rage somehow. RAWR!

So yeah minor exaggeration aside, I’d say Crysis 2’s launch was not a smooth one. To be honest, Crytek did mess things up considerably. The PC version of the game did have a few more issues than its console counterpart, most of which stemmed from a console port (and you know how touchy PC gamers get with console ports). So Crytek released a day one patch that addressed some of these issues but there were multiplayer issues persistent across the board. Stats were reset, unlocks disappeared and people lost interest in leveling up.

But surprisingly, none of this mattered as much as the absence of DX11. Most of the people going on about the absence of DX11 in the game wouldn’t know the difference between DX10 and 11 if it came and bit them in the backside. Yes, Hardware Tessellation sounds like an impressive word but how many actually know what it brings to the table? And fine, if Crysis 2 was a crappy game then yeah, flame on but why waste time concentrating on such trivial stuff when all issues aside, Crysis 2 is a pretty enjoyable shooter? Instead of sitting and analyzing every texture shouldn’t you be doing something more on the lines of, I don’t know, maybe playing the game?

Image coutesy: The Dark Knight

Image coutesy: The Dark Knight

If you have to pick on stuff, flame Crytek for the moronic AI that can actually hampers the entire experience. Rage about the loss of multiplayer ranks or the restrictive game modes available but please for the love of God, don’t make a huge hue and cry about DX11. I for one was very happy with the performance I got on my modest GTX 280. In fact I was pleasantly surprised with the fact that even at Very High settings on a 1920×1080 resolution, the game ran flawlessly. “But that was because they scaled down textures Nash”. Yeah, guess what, I don’t give a rat's behind. I was running around the game stabbing aliens and shooting enemies in the face; I really didn’t have the time to sit and smell the textures.

I understand PC gaming is a bittersweet pill nowadays and I, like many PC gamers, have been scorned by developers. Pretty much every big budget title in the recent past – be it Battlefield: Bad Company 2 or Call of Duty: Black Ops – has had a botched PC launch but if I raged every time something like this happened, I’d probably give myself a stroke by the time I turn 30. Modern media has portrayed PC gamers as snobs and elitists who feel console gaming has dumbed down gaming and obviously analyzing textures or bitching about the absence of DX11 in certain games just makes a stronger case against us.

Publish date: April 6, 2011 12:41 pm| Modified date: December 18, 2013 7:34 pm